Tyche: A Free eCommerce Template Tyche: A Free eCommerce Template Tyche: A Free eCommerce Template

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This template has tons of great enhanced qualities and it is well-documented. It has a sales-oriented design with a banner for ads and offers a shopping cart. Free shipping and a subscription log in account are also available. Tyche is compatible with the awesome WooCommerce plugin. It sets its design in smartly thought-out sections like Featured, Most Wanted, Trends and more. You will get it with a simple, smooth colored design and a clean code. Come get this highly customizable and responsive theme right away! Come get Tyche!

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
My Pink #d3958b rgb(211,149,139)
Slate Gray #758699 rgb(117,134,153)
Wine Berry #672428 rgb(103,36,40)
River Bed #4e5966 rgb(78,89,102)
Bizarre #ecdad0 rgb(236,218,208)
Azure #375cb8 rgb(55,92,184)
Santas Gray #9c9fa6 rgb(156,159,166)
Spicy Mix #955f46 rgb(149,95,70)
Chicago #615d5b rgb(97,93,91)
Tan #d8aa8c rgb(216,170,140)
San Marino #4868b6 rgb(72,104,182)
Teak #b0a461 rgb(176,164,97)
Tamarillo #9f1813 rgb(159,24,19)
Roman Coffee #845e4a rgb(132,94,74)
Cameo #d5bb9c rgb(213,187,156)
Rob Roy #efc467 rgb(239,196,103)
Dusty Gray #9f9497 rgb(159,148,151)
Black Marlin #342518 rgb(52,37,24)
Tuna #373740 rgb(55,55,64)
Cashmere #e4cca5 rgb(228,204,165)
Fuel Yellow #eaa82c rgb(234,168,44)
Spicy Mix #925447 rgb(146,84,71)
Cafe Royale #78520c rgb(120,82,12)
Baltic Sea #242128 rgb(36,33,40)
Zombie #e9d69e rgb(233,214,158)
Havelock Blue #458cd4 rgb(69,140,212)
Toast #9d685f rgb(157,104,95)
Shiraz #b40c34 rgb(180,12,52)
Abbey #4a4b4f rgb(74,75,79)
Whiskey #d49c7c rgb(212,156,124)
Mariner #2777cf rgb(39,119,207)
Mobster #777178 rgb(119,113,120)
Medium Carmine #ae3743 rgb(174,55,67)
Buccaneer #70423c rgb(112,66,60)
Danube #72a5d2 rgb(114,165,210)

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