Dentist: a Mobile-Ready Free Dental Website Template For Clinics Dentist: a Mobile-Ready Free Dental Website Template For Clinics Dentist: a Mobile-Ready Free Dental Website Template For Clinics Dentist: a Mobile-Ready Free Dental Website Template For Clinics Dentist: a Mobile-Ready Free Dental Website Template For Clinics

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Dentist is a professional and mobile-ready free dental website template for clinics, surgeons, orthodontists and other services related to the industry. It is modern, sophisticated and put together in a way simple to beginners and handy to pros. Have your web presence ready and live as fast as possible and attract a whole new clientele with it. If you are not using a website for your dental business yet, you better go after creating one as quickly as possible.

Free and responsive dental website template, Dentist, is ready to display your services, share opening hours and help you build customer trust with testimonial slider. Integrated into the web design, Dentist also has a booking form with date picker and newsletter subscription box.

The color palette of this template is composed by 53 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Limeade #64b508 rgb(100,181,8)
Pale Sky #727882 rgb(114,120,130)
Pistachio #78c207 rgb(120,194,7)
Finch #606f4d rgb(96,111,77)
Yellow Green #c6e674 rgb(198,230,116)
Pistachio #84cc06 rgb(132,204,6)
Cannon Pink #84495a rgb(132,73,90)
Spice #64442c rgb(100,68,44)
Vulcan #13151f rgb(19,21,31)
Conifer #adda51 rgb(173,218,81)
Scooter #2ea5c8 rgb(46,165,200)
Oslo Gray #888b8e rgb(136,139,142)
Pistachio #75c405 rgb(117,196,5)
Roman Coffee #7e4b4c rgb(126,75,76)
Sorrell Brown #d0be90 rgb(208,190,144)
Conifer #acd461 rgb(172,212,97)
Pine Glade #b8c490 rgb(184,196,144)
Citrus #91d408 rgb(145,212,8)
Dorado #644c4c rgb(100,76,76)
Yellow Green #c4e464 rgb(196,228,100)
Limeade #68bd04 rgb(104,189,4)
Dusty Gray #999797 rgb(153,151,151)
Pistachio #83cb06 rgb(131,203,6)
Thunder #252223 rgb(37,34,35)
Oriental Pink #c99b8d rgb(201,155,141)
Conifer #aad74e rgb(170,215,78)
Zambezi #615453 rgb(97,84,83)
Pistachio #86cd07 rgb(134,205,7)
Mine Shaft #342c2c rgb(52,44,44)
Cameo #d8b7a6 rgb(216,183,166)
Citrus #93d409 rgb(147,212,9)
Santas Gray #9da1ac rgb(157,161,172)
Limeade #6dbf04 rgb(109,191,4)
Emperor #504444 rgb(80,68,68)
Sapling #e0cda7 rgb(224,205,167)
Atlantis #a2d638 rgb(162,214,56)
Manatee #8c8c94 rgb(140,140,148)
Christi #68b80c rgb(104,184,12)
Tom Thumb #425534 rgb(66,85,52)
Conifer #c4e854 rgb(196,232,84)
Conifer #a2d34e rgb(162,211,78)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Bahia #99d809 rgb(153,216,9)
Nandor #545d54 rgb(84,93,84)
Bahia #97d609 rgb(151,214,9)
Manatee #99999c rgb(153,153,156)
Pistachio #71c006 rgb(113,192,6)
Shuttle Gray #646871 rgb(100,104,113)
Primrose #d3ed96 rgb(211,237,150)
Manatee #999a9d rgb(153,154,157)
Limeade #6fbf07 rgb(111,191,7)
Shuttle Gray #656872 rgb(101,104,114)
Primrose #d1ed95 rgb(209,237,149)

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