Medica: a Free Health and Medical Website Template Medica: a Free Health and Medical Website Template Medica: a Free Health and Medical Website Template Medica: a Free Health and Medical Website Template Medica: a Free Health and Medical Website Template

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Take things into your hands with Medica free health and medical website template. It is a Bootstrap Framework template what makes it 100% responsive and uncomplicated to use and maintain. No matter the niche or a general pharmaceutical website you plan on building, Medica makes it smoothly adapt to any screen resolution. You can use the template for plastic surgery, doctor, hospital, health, dentist and almost any other website. Medica is a versatile tool that you can easily modify and tailor to your needs.

Instead of starting from the ground up, pick Medica free website template and you are closer than ever to owning a professional and fully working website. Integrated contact and appointment forms, doctors introduction, testimonials and exclusive inner pages for a cutting-edge medical website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 50 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Blue Ribbon #2440f9 rgb(36,64,249)
Russett #82625b rgb(130,98,91)
Jacksons Purple #243d9c rgb(36,61,156)
Blackcurrant #372a3a rgb(55,42,58)
Blue Ribbon #2a58f5 rgb(42,88,245)
Denim #0c5ccc rgb(12,92,204)
Beaver #8e6856 rgb(142,104,86)
Denim #1064cd rgb(16,100,205)
Abbey #494c54 rgb(73,76,84)
Sky Blue #7dd5ec rgb(125,213,236)
Denim #175ac3 rgb(23,90,195)
Pine Cone #705f55 rgb(112,95,85)
Denim #1464cc rgb(20,100,204)
Baltic Sea #28272c rgb(40,39,44)
Picton Blue #3ac2f9 rgb(58,194,249)
Cerulean Blue #2844c4 rgb(40,68,196)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Lucky Point #16266e rgb(22,38,110)
Cornflower Blue #4e94f8 rgb(78,148,248)
Scooter #31b0cb rgb(49,176,203)
Abbey #4f5052 rgb(79,80,82)
Calypso #3b6d97 rgb(59,109,151)
Cornflower Blue #5094f7 rgb(80,148,247)
Royal Blue #4154d4 rgb(65,84,212)
Governor Bay #2937b5 rgb(41,55,181)
Royal Blue #516ae6 rgb(81,106,230)
Governor Bay #2f39b6 rgb(47,57,182)
Gravel #4f4c51 rgb(79,76,81)
Persian Blue #2030ad rgb(32,48,173)
Picton Blue #3acffa rgb(58,207,250)
Dodger Blue #2e8cfa rgb(46,140,250)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Denim #1164cd rgb(17,100,205)
Millbrook #543c2c rgb(84,60,44)
Seagull #74b8e2 rgb(116,184,226)
Scooter #34acdc rgb(52,172,220)
Oslo Gray #848c94 rgb(132,140,148)
Big Stone #14243c rgb(20,36,60)
Fiord #3f546a rgb(63,84,106)
Blizzard Blue #acdcec rgb(172,220,236)
Seagull #71bde6 rgb(113,189,230)
Coffee #756254 rgb(117,98,84)
Denim #1363cb rgb(19,99,203)
Masala #3e3835 rgb(62,56,53)
Cashmere #e2bda0 rgb(226,189,160)
Shakespeare #55afdb rgb(85,175,219)
Lynch #5b6d86 rgb(91,109,134)
Ebony #0c141d rgb(12,20,29)
Shuttle Gray #5c6164 rgb(92,97,100)
Whiskey #ce9b62 rgb(206,155,98)

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