Medilife: a Free Responsive Medical Website Template Medilife: a Free Responsive Medical Website Template Medilife: a Free Responsive Medical Website Template Medilife: a Free Responsive Medical Website Template

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Establish a fully functional web presence quickly with Medilife free responsive medical website template. It comes ideal for doctors, hospitals, clinics and almost any other page in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. What’s more, even if you are a blogger, you can still use Medilife to blog about medicine and everything related to it.

Get visitors and clients informed about your services and how you operate by visiting nothing but your first page. It will give them a better view at your clinic, however, they can visit other sections for an in-depth presentation. Medilife has integrated appointment form, plenty different elements, back to top button and newsletter subscription. Furthermore, the contact page is equipped with a contact form, Google Maps and other details.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Alizarin Crimson #e4222a rgb(228,34,42)
London Hue #b89dbf rgb(184,157,191)
Blue Zodiac #0b1e3e rgb(11,30,62)
Blue Bayoux #54657e rgb(84,101,126)
Malibu #7ab2fa rgb(122,178,250)
Cornflower Blue #60a0ec rgb(96,160,236)
Lynch #5d6f89 rgb(93,111,137)
Black Pearl #091c3c rgb(9,28,60)
Pickled Bluewood #34445c rgb(52,68,92)
Deep Blush #e4848c rgb(228,132,140)
Red #ee0a0c rgb(238,10,12)
Blue Bayoux #546780 rgb(84,103,128)
Fun Blue #1e64ba rgb(30,100,186)
Corduroy #646565 rgb(100,101,101)
Danube #6fa7dc rgb(111,167,220)
Denim #1860cd rgb(24,96,205)
East Bay #3f5681 rgb(63,86,129)
Astronaut #283a68 rgb(40,58,104)
Dorado #625450 rgb(98,84,80)
Tan #cfa483 rgb(207,164,131)
Red #f00c0e rgb(240,12,14)
Quicksand #bca691 rgb(188,166,145)
Chambray #354e82 rgb(53,78,130)
Coffee #786859 rgb(120,104,89)
Burnt Sienna #e18c41 rgb(225,140,65)
Danube #5989ca rgb(89,137,202)
Trout #525a64 rgb(82,90,100)
Downriver #0c2647 rgb(12,38,71)
Mako #444850 rgb(68,72,80)
Red #f40406 rgb(244,4,6)
Blue Bayoux #4d5f75 rgb(77,95,117)
Black Pearl #0a1c3c rgb(10,28,60)
Bleached Cedar #261c34 rgb(38,28,52)
Valencia #dc4c44 rgb(220,76,68)
Red #ee090b rgb(238,9,11)
San Juan #374c6e rgb(55,76,110)
Blue Zodiac #0b1c3b rgb(11,28,59)
Gray Asparagus #50524f rgb(80,82,79)
Danube #659ed8 rgb(101,158,216)
Dodger Blue #207af5 rgb(32,122,245)
Bali Hai #8fa2b5 rgb(143,162,181)
Blue Zodiac #0b1d3b rgb(11,29,59)
Shuttle Gray #5e6369 rgb(94,99,105)
Periwinkle Gray #cfdeed rgb(207,222,237)

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