Drimo: a Multipurpose Website Template Drimo: a Multipurpose Website Template Drimo: a Multipurpose Website Template Drimo: a Multipurpose Website Template

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When you need something more, you go with Drimo free and unique landing page website template. In this case, free does not mean lack of features and demo content. In fact, it is a complete opposite what will leave you in pure awe. In the Drimo package, you will find eleven contemporary one-page layouts for all sorts of products and services.

Drimo works great with hosting, mobile app, SaaS, repairing and gadget websites. On top of that, you can also start writing a blog with the included pages and skip creating the error page. To truly understand the power of Drimo free website template, go no and check the live preview. Those are eleven so take some extra time off and enjoy the masterpiece.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Rose #ed0882 rgb(237,8,130)
Santas Gray #9ca2b7 rgb(156,162,183)
Electric Violet #b614ce rgb(182,20,206)
Baltic Sea #222127 rgb(34,33,39)
Light Orchid #df9dd6 rgb(223,157,214)
Shakespeare #50a4d4 rgb(80,164,212)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Blumine #1a4d6a rgb(26,77,106)
Woodsmoke #080909 rgb(8,9,9)
Havelock Blue #4098dc rgb(64,152,220)
Havelock Blue #419ed8 rgb(65,158,216)
Venus #969496 rgb(150,148,150)
Astral #327cac rgb(50,124,172)
Cod Gray #080808 rgb(8,8,8)
Sail #a7def5 rgb(167,222,245)
Medium Carmine #b4393c rgb(180,57,60)
Taupe Gray #b0a890 rgb(176,168,144)
Stiletto #8c2c30 rgb(140,44,48)
Congo Brown #563434 rgb(86,52,52)
Tonys Pink #e68c8c rgb(230,140,140)
Chestnut #ba474b rgb(186,71,75)
Quicksand #b98c8c rgb(185,140,140)
Tamarind #321518 rgb(50,21,24)
Mirage #151c24 rgb(21,28,36)
Linen #faebea rgb(250,235,234)
Fountain Blue #68a4c8 rgb(104,164,200)
Edward #a6acac rgb(166,172,172)
Blue Dianne #234a61 rgb(35,74,97)
Nevada #6c7074 rgb(108,112,116)
Sundance #d0b058 rgb(208,176,88)
Medium Purple #847ce4 rgb(132,124,228)
Lucky Point #1d166d rgb(29,22,109)
Cold Purple #a4a4dd rgb(164,164,221)
Azure Radiance #0e83ed rgb(14,131,237)
Oslo Gray #85878c rgb(133,135,140)
Mirage #121a26 rgb(18,26,38)
Cod Gray #070707 rgb(7,7,7)
Cornflower #86bce0 rgb(134,188,224)
Wild Blue Yonder #837fbe rgb(131,127,190)
White Lilac #f2f2fb rgb(242,242,251)

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