Favison: a Modern, Professional and Sophisticated Software Company Template Favison: a Modern, Professional and Sophisticated Software Company Template Favison: a Modern, Professional and Sophisticated Software Company Template Favison: a Modern, Professional and Sophisticated Software Company Template

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Favison is a modern, professional and sophisticated free software company website template with contemporary web design. You will have no problem capturing their attention and take them on a journey through your awesomeness. It is a winning combination once you combine Favison’s creativity and your outstanding products and services. While you can freely use Favison out of the box, exactly as is, you can also improve on web design and make it follow your regulations precisely. Whatever the case, it is a guarantee that the end product will shine online.

From sticky transparent navigation bar, call-to-action buttons and pricing plans to hover effects and newsletter widget, Favison has it all and then some. You will also find a blog and a working contact form. The former, you can utilize for content marketing to drive in even more traffic and potential customers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Viking #4dd0d2 rgb(77,208,210)
Waikawa Gray #576f9f rgb(87,111,159)
Chambray #394484 rgb(57,68,132)
Affair #644a85 rgb(100,74,133)
Biloba Flower #aeb1e9 rgb(174,177,233)
Crail #b44c3c rgb(180,76,60)
Salt Box #645c6c rgb(100,92,108)
Ebony #0c0718 rgb(12,7,24)
Tuna #323233 rgb(50,50,51)
Illusion #f49cc0 rgb(244,156,192)
Neptune #75bdb4 rgb(117,189,180)
Oslo Gray #929494 rgb(146,148,148)
Ebony #090616 rgb(9,6,22)
Mine Shaft #333333 rgb(51,51,51)
Rose Bud #f9a6a5 rgb(249,166,165)
Royal Blue #5552e0 rgb(85,82,224)
Topaz #767282 rgb(118,114,130)
Olive Drab #6ab228 rgb(106,178,40)
Scarpa Flow #55555c rgb(85,85,92)
Sea Pink #ea9ca0 rgb(234,156,160)
Vida Loca #52a619 rgb(82,166,25)
Old Lavender #705b6b rgb(112,91,107)
Apple #438730 rgb(67,135,48)
Sand Dune #817563 rgb(129,117,99)
Royal Blue #5051d6 rgb(80,81,214)
Viola #ce94c4 rgb(206,148,196)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Finn #5a2952 rgb(90,41,82)
Mine Shaft #363535 rgb(54,53,53)
White Ice #ecfcf4 rgb(236,252,244)
Mandy #ec546c rgb(236,84,108)
Storm Gray #71747c rgb(113,116,124)
Mirage #1c243c rgb(28,36,60)
Mirage #1c2434 rgb(28,36,52)
Froly #f4647c rgb(244,100,124)
Neptune #71bcb4 rgb(113,188,180)
Regent Gray #969fa2 rgb(150,159,162)
Eternity #241d10 rgb(36,29,16)
Kobi #e895d8 rgb(232,149,216)
Mandy #e6506b rgb(230,80,107)
Mountain Mist #a1a0a2 rgb(161,160,162)
Ebony #0a0b1f rgb(10,11,31)
Gondola #120c0c rgb(18,12,12)
Puce #c47494 rgb(196,116,148)

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