Chimper: a Free Responsive Web Agency Website Template Chimper: a Free Responsive Web Agency Website Template Chimper: a Free Responsive Web Agency Website Template

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Chimper is a spectacular free responsive web agency website template that will get your business going strong. Although the tool costs you nothing, it still provides a ton of awesome features and whatnot to save you time and effort when establishing your agency website. Some of these features are parallax and typewriter effects, blog and a working contact form.

Moreover, Chimper is a Bootstrap Framework template what gives it the necessary flexibility. Your final product will display its content beautifully on all devices and browsers for constant smooth operation. What’s more, while Chimper works out of the box for many, you can also improve the look and enhance it with your creativity for a more personalized experience. Get the word out there and start impressing more potential clients and score new business deals on a regular.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Shingle Fawn #6c4e31 rgb(108,78,49)
Fiord #4a5c6c rgb(74,92,108)
Cork #472f1e rgb(71,47,30)
Gravel #413a43 rgb(65,58,67)
Moody Blue #7c84cc rgb(124,132,204)
Old Gold #cbab3c rgb(203,171,60)
Stack #848584 rgb(132,133,132)
Reno Sand #987414 rgb(152,116,20)
Flint #716c65 rgb(113,108,101)
Pigeon Post #b4b4dc rgb(180,180,220)
Hokey Pokey #cfa626 rgb(207,166,38)
Bermuda Gray #7387a1 rgb(115,135,161)
San Marino #46559d rgb(70,85,157)
Pablo #767068 rgb(118,112,104)
Putty #e3d284 rgb(227,210,132)
Potters Clay #886138 rgb(136,97,56)
William #405f6a rgb(64,95,106)
Denim #1184bc rgb(17,132,188)
Blackcurrant #342f3f rgb(52,47,63)
Jordy Blue #94d4f4 rgb(148,212,244)
Torea Bay #0d0db3 rgb(13,13,179)
Mid Gray #6c6c70 rgb(108,108,112)
Cloud Burst #242464 rgb(36,36,100)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Blue Bell #8a8ad0 rgb(138,138,208)
Puce #c6788a rgb(198,120,138)
Santas Gray #949bac rgb(148,155,172)
Orange Roughy #c84716 rgb(200,71,22)
Bunker #13191d rgb(19,25,29)
Picton Blue #3ed4f6 rgb(62,212,246)
Ultramarine #0c0cb3 rgb(12,12,179)
Boulder #787878 rgb(120,120,120)
Deep Koamaru #181486 rgb(24,20,134)
Scorpion #5b5a5a rgb(91,90,90)
Moody Blue #777bcc rgb(119,123,204)

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