Illdy: A Free One Page WordPress Business Theme Illdy: A Free One Page WordPress Business Theme Illdy: A Free One Page WordPress Business Theme Illdy: A Free One Page WordPress Business Theme

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This theme is well suited for business, landing page, portfolio or any other creative websites. This leaves heavy lifting to WordPress Customizer therefore you can create your website on live preview mode. Which means that you can see changes happen on your website in real time as you make them. This is our most flexible WordPress theme and it is completely free to use for private and commercial websites. Your website will look better than ever thanks to Illdy’s one page setup with multiple sections that can be tweaked to achieve the personalization you have always wanted. This is the only free WordPress theme you will want to use.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ripe Lemon #f0d20a rgb(240,210,10)
Friar Gray #817e79 rgb(129,126,121)
Quincy #60402e rgb(96,64,46)
Oil #281e16 rgb(40,30,22)
Manz #efe574 rgb(239,229,116)
San Marino #4458b0 rgb(68,88,176)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Cloud Burst #242f5f rgb(36,47,95)
Cape Cod #404442 rgb(64,68,66)
Golden Grass #e0ad1c rgb(224,173,28)
Battleship Gray #84947c rgb(132,148,124)
Chambray #32577f rgb(50,87,127)
Thunder #2c2424 rgb(44,36,36)
Aths Special #ede4d3 rgb(237,228,211)
Ronchi #eed645 rgb(238,214,69)
Gunsmoke #848c8c rgb(132,140,140)
Lucky #a49418 rgb(164,148,24)
Ebony Clay #242c34 rgb(36,44,52)
Albescent White #f4d4cc rgb(244,212,204)
Gold #f4d404 rgb(244,212,4)
Bandicoot #848474 rgb(132,132,116)
Steel Blue #3e7ba6 rgb(62,123,166)
Regent St Blue #a4bcdf rgb(164,188,223)
Tussock #bb9c44 rgb(187,156,68)
Zorba #a3998a rgb(163,153,138)
Graphite #1c1706 rgb(28,23,6)
Kabul #64523d rgb(100,82,61)
Driftwood #ad874a rgb(173,135,74)
Bali Hai #7c8ca8 rgb(124,140,168)
El Paso #1c1808 rgb(28,24,8)
Sirocco #717473 rgb(113,116,115)
Sorrell Brown #c7ae7b rgb(199,174,123)
Corn #e4bc04 rgb(228,188,4)
Pine Cone #6e5950 rgb(110,89,80)
Olive #826b02 rgb(130,107,2)
Ronchi #ecd152 rgb(236,209,82)
Corn #ebc504 rgb(235,197,4)
Martini #afa19e rgb(175,161,158)
Galliano #d4b50b rgb(212,181,11)
Armadillo #51443f rgb(81,68,63)
New Orleans #f1dea2 rgb(241,222,162)

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