Crafted: A Free Web Development Website Template Crafted: A Free Web Development Website Template Crafted: A Free Web Development Website Template Crafted: A Free Web Development Website Template

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With Crafted as your go-to free web development website template, you can start your thing faster than ever. As far as your web presence goes, you can now sort it out in full with the convenient and easy to use Crafted. The tool is packed with features and assets that will get you going in no time. Not only are you treated to a contemporary and creative home page, but Crafted also includes all the necessary internal pages, like about, services, projects and team. Of course, it also does not miss a blog and fully active contact page with a form and Google Maps.

If you offer creative and any other web design and development services, push them forward with the remarkable Crafted. With the layout already predesigned for you, all you need to do is to take action and a new specter of opportunities unlocks.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Chambray #31488e rgb(49,72,142)
Flint #6e6c68 rgb(110,108,104)
Bay of Many #252c79 rgb(37,44,121)
Shark #23252e rgb(35,37,46)
Aqua Island #a3cbdc rgb(163,203,220)
Blue Marguerite #807cc8 rgb(128,124,200)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Port Gore #2a275d rgb(42,39,93)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Cornflower #a4ccec rgb(164,204,236)
Cornflower Blue #579ee8 rgb(87,158,232)
Oslo Gray #919292 rgb(145,146,146)
Chathams Blue #0f4174 rgb(15,65,116)
Mine Shaft #212121 rgb(33,33,33)
Cornflower #83b0dd rgb(131,176,221)
Steel Blue #3f7abc rgb(63,122,188)
Bali Hai #8e9db8 rgb(142,157,184)
Kumera #92602a rgb(146,96,42)
Woody Brown #45322e rgb(69,50,46)
Picton Blue #4c9ce4 rgb(76,156,228)
Steel Blue #477fc1 rgb(71,127,193)
Nepal #869bbd rgb(134,155,189)
Kumera #815124 rgb(129,81,36)
Thunder #252024 rgb(37,32,36)
Malibu #5fc2fa rgb(95,194,250)
Cornflower Blue #569aeb rgb(86,154,235)
Wild Blue Yonder #858db4 rgb(133,141,180)
Deep Sapphire #0e3d76 rgb(14,61,118)
Cornflower Blue #51a9fa rgb(81,169,250)
Sycamore #8c9434 rgb(140,148,52)
Toast #986c60 rgb(152,108,96)
Chambray #3c648c rgb(60,100,140)
Steel Gray #1c1c2b rgb(28,28,43)
Antique Brass #c28266 rgb(194,130,102)
Malibu #68c8fa rgb(104,200,250)
Wild Blue Yonder #848bb3 rgb(132,139,179)
Venice Blue #045580 rgb(4,85,128)
Shark #1d2225 rgb(29,34,37)
Polar #ecf9fa rgb(236,249,250)
Sky Blue #6bc1ee rgb(107,193,238)
Matrix #a76457 rgb(167,100,87)
Sycamore #87993a rgb(135,153,58)
Tobacco Brown #725948 rgb(114,89,72)
Tan Hide #f6945b rgb(246,148,91)

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