Gaas: a Free Software Landing Page Website Template Gaas: a Free Software Landing Page Website Template Gaas: a Free Software Landing Page Website Template Gaas: a Free Software Landing Page Website Template

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Gaas is a free software landing page website template that follows all the latest web trends and tech regulations. It is a Bootstrap Framework-based tool with a neat and modern web design that will spark everyone’s curiosity. Add your signature touch to it, and you can easily stand out from the competition. Get your potential users familiar with your software and give them a chance to see all its perks.

With the light, yet vibrant, and fully responsive layout, Gaas makes sure they are hooked immediately regardless of what device they use. On top of that, Gaas is also compatible with all major web browsers, retina ready and fine-tuned for insanely great performance. Some other assets of Gaas are pricing tables, hover effects, functional contact form and a trendy blog section.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sunglo #e46874 rgb(228,104,116)
Tundora #4e4e4e rgb(78,78,78)
Moccaccino #70141d rgb(112,20,29)
French Lilac #e3a4ec rgb(227,164,236)
Portage #a46cf4 rgb(164,108,244)
Comet #545484 rgb(84,84,132)
Blue Zodiac #131651 rgb(19,22,81)
East Bay #443c7c rgb(68,60,124)
Light Wisteria #be8ed4 rgb(190,142,212)
Portage #9864f1 rgb(152,100,241)
Manatee #8f8f90 rgb(143,143,144)
Bunting #1c1959 rgb(28,25,89)
Mid Gray #656566 rgb(101,101,102)
Biloba Flower #cd92ed rgb(205,146,237)
Ship Cove #7494c4 rgb(116,148,196)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Deep Cerulean #0474ac rgb(4,116,172)
River Bed #4c5c64 rgb(76,92,100)
Portage #b681f1 rgb(182,129,241)
Portage #9865f3 rgb(152,101,243)
Mountain Mist #8e8b92 rgb(142,139,146)
Purple Heart #bc1ec7 rgb(188,30,199)
Shark #27282b rgb(39,40,43)
Portage #9e9aed rgb(158,154,237)
Blue Marguerite #7c6ccc rgb(124,108,204)
Mountain Mist #9b97a3 rgb(155,151,163)
Jacarta #2c2262 rgb(44,34,98)
Mirage #1c2034 rgb(28,32,52)
Wild Watermelon #fc646c rgb(252,100,108)
Heliotrope #945ef6 rgb(148,94,246)
Gull Gray #94acb6 rgb(148,172,182)
San Juan #355a74 rgb(53,90,116)
Tobacco Brown #6c6345 rgb(108,99,69)
Biloba Flower #d09aee rgb(208,154,238)
Sunglo #df696a rgb(223,105,106)
Waterloo #8c82a0 rgb(140,130,160)
Port Gore #242149 rgb(36,33,73)
Woodsmoke #17171b rgb(23,23,27)
Melanie #dbafdb rgb(219,175,219)
San Juan #345b74 rgb(52,91,116)
Lemon Grass #9a9b99 rgb(154,155,153)
Metallic Bronze #564d21 rgb(86,77,33)
Verdigris #656237 rgb(101,98,55)
Biloba Flower #cf90f0 rgb(207,144,240)

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