Appru: A Modern, Optimized Mobile Application Landing Page Appru: A Modern, Optimized Mobile Application Landing Page Appru: A Modern, Optimized Mobile Application Landing Page Appru: A Modern, Optimized Mobile Application Landing Page

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Appru is a neat, modern and highly optimized free HTML app landing page website template for mobile applications exclusive. Of course, with a tweak here and a tweak there, you can also alter Appru for desktop and web apps easily. Use your imagination and go creative for a cracking outcome that will impress your users and get them to become part of the community. Appru increases your potential and boosts it through the roof.

From an impactful banner with call-to-action buttons and hover effects to video support, testimonials slider, screenshots section and pricing plans, it is all carefully packed in the Appru kit. If you are looking for a way to push your product and reach a much wider audience, make a website with Appru and start off on the right foot.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #349eec rgb(52,158,236)
Dorado #5e5755 rgb(94,87,85)
San Marino #47569d rgb(71,86,157)
Cod Gray #141414 rgb(20,20,20)
Polo Blue #8196cd rgb(129,150,205)
Malibu #5ce4fc rgb(92,228,252)
Gunsmoke #848686 rgb(132,134,134)
Blue Lagoon #026f82 rgb(2,111,130)
Cutty Sark #547880 rgb(84,120,128)
Malibu #59dafa rgb(89,218,250)
Royal Blue #2861e2 rgb(40,97,226)
Gray #8e8e8e rgb(142,142,142)
Deep Sapphire #0f2e74 rgb(15,46,116)
Shark #1f2223 rgb(31,34,35)
Picton Blue #328cea rgb(50,140,234)
Brink Pink #f55f7d rgb(245,95,125)
Gull Gray #9eb1b7 rgb(158,177,183)
Astronaut #264572 rgb(38,69,114)
Shark #292c2e rgb(41,44,46)
Dodger Blue #3a7ff6 rgb(58,127,246)
Hippie Blue #449ca4 rgb(68,156,164)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Paradiso #3c8494 rgb(60,132,148)
Corduroy #606464 rgb(96,100,100)
Malibu #5ddcf9 rgb(93,220,249)
Malibu #58dffa rgb(88,223,250)
Manatee #8489a0 rgb(132,137,160)
Outer Space #34393e rgb(52,57,62)
Dodger Blue #2e7ff7 rgb(46,127,247)
Picton Blue #44d0fa rgb(68,208,250)
Tapa #71706f rgb(113,112,111)
Orient #036481 rgb(3,100,129)
Scarpa Flow #5c5c5e rgb(92,92,94)
Spray #7fe7f4 rgb(127,231,244)
Sky Blue #7cdde7 rgb(124,221,231)
Oslo Gray #929393 rgb(146,147,147)
Ming #347c7c rgb(52,124,124)
Shark #1f2123 rgb(31,33,35)
Bermuda #7ac9d8 rgb(122,201,216)
Malibu #5be2fa rgb(91,226,250)
Dove Gray #6e6e6e rgb(110,110,110)
Firefly #071217 rgb(7,18,23)
Tuatara #3a3a39 rgb(58,58,57)
Picton Blue #43d6fa rgb(67,214,250)

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