Standout: a Free Email App Website Template Standout: a Free Email App Website Template Standout: a Free Email App Website Template Standout: a Free Email App Website Template

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Standout is a striking free email app website template with a modern look and advanced features and assets. While this is a very niche-specific tool, Standout is still versatile enough for you to use it for all sorts of different intentions. There is no need to stick to its default purpose although it will work with all varieties of email-related applications best.

With this one page website template, you will definitely stand out a mile. Standout rocks beautiful colors, loads content on scroll, comes with pricing tables and call-to-action buttons. It is also fully equipped with social media buttons, sticky navigation, newsletter subscription widget and a fully functional blog section. Bring yourself and your product in front of your target users with Standout and boost your app’s downloads through the roof.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Green Haze #04a454 rgb(4,164,84)
Mid Gray #67676d rgb(103,103,109)
Green Haze #049c4b rgb(4,156,75)
Ferra #64484b rgb(100,72,75)
Just Right #eacab5 rgb(234,202,181)
Green Haze #04a453 rgb(4,164,83)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Mountain Meadow #1bae62 rgb(27,174,98)
Cod Gray #131313 rgb(19,19,19)
Vista Blue #89d4ad rgb(137,212,173)
Emerald #59c28c rgb(89,194,140)
Ocean Green #4ca674 rgb(76,166,116)
Eucalyptus #29995e rgb(41,153,94)
Woodsmoke #131314 rgb(19,19,20)
Magic Mint #8eefbc rgb(142,239,188)
French Rose #f4547c rgb(244,84,124)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Mountain Meadow #1cac64 rgb(28,172,100)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Spray #8ef0e6 rgb(142,240,230)
Bright Turquoise #08f9ea rgb(8,249,234)
Dove Gray #6e696a rgb(110,105,106)
Green Haze #0aa453 rgb(10,164,83)
Nandor #4a5d5b rgb(74,93,91)
Mint Green #8af8a8 rgb(138,248,168)
Vista Blue #8cccac rgb(140,204,172)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Bush #143c24 rgb(20,60,36)
Light Wisteria #d49cd8 rgb(212,156,216)
Vista Blue #8cd4ac rgb(140,212,172)
Silver Chalice #b0acac rgb(176,172,172)
Green Haze #04a44c rgb(4,164,76)
Trout #4c545c rgb(76,84,92)
Vista Blue #79cba3 rgb(121,203,163)
Chateau Green #369c6b rgb(54,156,107)
Stack #969796 rgb(150,151,150)
Parsley #14542c rgb(20,84,44)
Corduroy #5f6764 rgb(95,103,100)
Chinook #9fdfc0 rgb(159,223,192)
Sea Green #309663 rgb(48,150,99)
Star Dust #a1a1a0 rgb(161,161,160)
Eucalyptus #219c5d rgb(33,156,93)
Corduroy #646866 rgb(100,104,102)
Riptide #7bebb7 rgb(123,235,183)

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