Nexus: A Free Software Website Template Nexus: A Free Software Website Template Nexus: A Free Software Website Template Nexus: A Free Software Website Template

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Nexus is a versatile free software website template which you can use for all sorts of apps, SaaS and other tech-oriented projects. And if you truly want to be creative with it, you can also utilize Nexus for something totally different and distinguish yourself from the masses. The web design of the tool is clean and contemporary, as well as mobile and retina-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for insane performance. With this in mind, you know that your website will work smoothly and seamlessly at all times.

There are loads of features and assets you gain access to with Nexus. Full-screen banner, call-to-action buttons, sticky navigation, pricing tables, hover effects and newsletter subscription form, to name a few. See Nexus’ live preview page and download the site building tool now.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Malibu #64dcfb rgb(100,220,251)
Ship Cove #7e8ec1 rgb(126,142,193)
Orient #036781 rgb(3,103,129)
Cornflower #9bd4ef rgb(155,212,239)
Turquoise Blue #64bce4 rgb(100,188,228)
Dawn #a3a2a1 rgb(163,162,161)
Chathams Blue #135370 rgb(19,83,112)
Picton Blue #3fadf2 rgb(63,173,242)
Picton Blue #3bacf1 rgb(59,172,241)
Oslo Gray #8e9497 rgb(142,148,151)
Venice Blue #08507b rgb(8,80,123)
Tapa #75726f rgb(117,114,111)
Malibu #63dcfb rgb(99,220,251)
Santas Gray #9ca1b1 rgb(156,161,177)
Picton Blue #3cacf2 rgb(60,172,242)
Picton Blue #3bacf2 rgb(59,172,242)
Regent Gray #8f9aa7 rgb(143,154,167)
Rhino #31416c rgb(49,65,108)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Link Water #d3ddf0 rgb(211,221,240)
Manatee #94949c rgb(148,148,156)
Gray Asparagus #4c504c rgb(76,80,76)
Picton Blue #3cacf3 rgb(60,172,243)
Mid Gray #686870 rgb(104,104,112)
Black Pearl #040413 rgb(4,4,19)
Shark #24242c rgb(36,36,44)
Cornflower #85c1de rgb(133,193,222)
Shuttle Gray #5e6265 rgb(94,98,101)
Venice Blue #084f7c rgb(8,79,124)
Shark #212223 rgb(33,34,35)
Malibu #51b4f9 rgb(81,180,249)
Danube #61abd1 rgb(97,171,209)
Pale Sky #6a717e rgb(106,113,126)
Bright Gray #3e4452 rgb(62,68,82)
Cornflower #85c9e5 rgb(133,201,229)

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