Racks: A Sparking Free Software Company Website Template Racks: A Sparking Free Software Company Website Template Racks: A Sparking Free Software Company Website Template Racks: A Sparking Free Software Company Website Template

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Racks is an impressive and curiosity sparking free software company website template. The web design of the page skin is clean, contemporary and high performing. Moreover, Racks follows all the latest tech and web regulations to make sure your final internet space stays intact regardless of the device and browsing platform they use. In other words, whether it is iOS or Android, as well as Safari, Chrome or Firefox, Racks guarantees an always smooth and stable experience.

Loads of first-class goodies await every user of this high-end free website template for software companies. For your information, even if you are a freelancer who needs to sort out his or her online presence, Racks could be an excellent option for you, too. Look no further and start further investigating this remarkable tool before you fully commit.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Danube #63a4cc rgb(99,164,204)
Lilac #bf85bc rgb(191,133,188)
Cello #204a63 rgb(32,74,99)
Hopbush #d87cb4 rgb(216,124,180)
Sky Blue #77d5ec rgb(119,213,236)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Chathams Blue #106074 rgb(16,96,116)
Mint Tulip #bce6f4 rgb(188,230,244)
Aquamarine Blue #78cce2 rgb(120,204,226)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Blumine #175b6d rgb(23,91,109)
Mine Shaft #3f3f3f rgb(63,63,63)
Morning Glory #90d3df rgb(144,211,223)
Moody Blue #7989cc rgb(121,137,204)
Fiord #485170 rgb(72,81,112)
Cloud Burst #243060 rgb(36,48,96)
Ebony Clay #262c40 rgb(38,44,64)
Polo Blue #84a4d4 rgb(132,164,212)
Blue Marguerite #687ac3 rgb(104,122,195)
Cadet Blue #a3a4bd rgb(163,164,189)
Cloud Burst #1b2541 rgb(27,37,65)
Oxford Blue #3b415b rgb(59,65,91)
Biloba Flower #a8b7ec rgb(168,183,236)
De York #74cc9c rgb(116,204,156)
Edward #aeb2b2 rgb(174,178,178)
Green Pea #23613f rgb(35,97,63)
Abbey #54585c rgb(84,88,92)
Carissma #ec8cbc rgb(236,140,188)
Turquoise Blue #54cce4 rgb(84,204,228)
Genoa #126272 rgb(18,98,114)
Sinbad #a6ced6 rgb(166,206,214)
Carissma #ed78aa rgb(237,120,170)
Domino #997c65 rgb(153,124,101)
Brown Derby #4a2d18 rgb(74,45,24)
Fuscous Gray #4d4c4b rgb(77,76,75)
Spray #72efb1 rgb(114,239,177)
Viking #52c3e0 rgb(82,195,224)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Java #13a9d2 rgb(19,169,210)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Blizzard Blue #aae9ee rgb(170,233,238)

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