Bulkapp: A Free Mobile App Website Template Bulkapp: A Free Mobile App Website Template Bulkapp: A Free Mobile App Website Template Bulkapp: A Free Mobile App Website Template

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A page that you are yet to bring to reality with Bulkapp free mobile app website template is the best way to market your product. You can really go in-depth with your presentation and tell all potential users how they can benefit from your app. Let them experience it beforehand, share your promotional video and showcase unique screenshots that will entice and persuade everyone.

Bulkapp has a one-page landing style layout which is fully responsive and retina ready, as well as cross-browser compatible. It is optimized for high loading speeds and perfectly adapts to any device, from smartphones and all the way up to desktops. Additionally, Bulkapp also comes with a fully functional contact page and a blog section. Put the tool to use and skyrocket those downloads to the Moon and then Mars.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Heliotrope #bc3efb rgb(188,62,251)
Santas Gray #9a9aa7 rgb(154,154,167)
Pigment Indigo #570281 rgb(87,2,129)
Cornflower Blue #895cfa rgb(137,92,250)
Medium Purple #a369ec rgb(163,105,236)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Persian Indigo #3c0e75 rgb(60,14,117)
Electric Violet #9d36fb rgb(157,54,251)
Electric Violet #8f3df9 rgb(143,61,249)
Dusty Gray #989898 rgb(152,152,152)
Kingfisher Daisy #3a0380 rgb(58,3,128)
Thunder #2b2a2b rgb(43,42,43)
Royal Blue #734af2 rgb(115,74,242)
Electric Violet #7448fc rgb(116,72,252)
Shady Lady #aca8ac rgb(172,168,172)
Blue Diamond #210282 rgb(33,2,130)
Scorpion #6c6062 rgb(108,96,98)
Electric Violet #8340f7 rgb(131,64,247)
Electric Violet #903df9 rgb(144,61,249)
Manatee #98989a rgb(152,152,154)
Kingfisher Daisy #3b0380 rgb(59,3,128)
Shark #282829 rgb(40,40,41)
Royal Blue #734af5 rgb(115,74,245)
Blue Violet #6b54ba rgb(107,84,186)
Kabul #62423f rgb(98,66,63)
Jazzberry Jam #ac0c54 rgb(172,12,84)
Ship Gray #403d4c rgb(64,61,76)
Cinnabar #e5593c rgb(229,89,60)
Medium Purple #ac60ec rgb(172,96,236)
Edward #a0a4a4 rgb(160,164,164)
Persian Indigo #460e76 rgb(70,14,118)
Heliotrope #bc3ff8 rgb(188,63,248)
Tradewind #67bdb3 rgb(103,189,179)
Nevada #61696c rgb(97,105,108)
Disco #a11e56 rgb(161,30,86)
Matterhorn #544048 rgb(84,64,72)
Electric Violet #963bf9 rgb(150,59,249)
Electric Violet #8143f8 rgb(129,67,248)
Amethyst Smoke #b19fb3 rgb(177,159,179)
El Paso #211b09 rgb(33,27,9)
Dove Gray #776d6c rgb(119,109,108)
Electric Violet #a534f9 rgb(165,52,249)

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