Zeedapp: A Free App and Application Website Template Zeedapp: A Free App and Application Website Template Zeedapp: A Free App and Application Website Template Zeedapp: A Free App and Application Website Template

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Are you looking for the best free app and application website template currently available? If so then you came to the right place. Look no further than Zeedapp and it will answer all your web design questions. It is a powerful tool with a total of ten HTML pages of which six are enticing home variations and four blog pages. I know, right?

Zeedapp is a contemporary app landing page with a refreshing choice of colors and typography. However, you are allowed to change the look of it since Zeedapp is a highly customizable template. Make your application to reach new potential users and boost conversion rate above and beyond. Besides, you can also utilize blog section and implement content marketing for a cracking web presence. The features are there, you only need to put them to use.

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Downy #6bb8d2 rgb(107,184,210)
Friar Gray #807c74 rgb(128,124,116)
Persian Blue #4c0fd0 rgb(76,15,208)
Medium Purple #9e6ce8 rgb(158,108,232)
Medium Purple #ac74ec rgb(172,116,236)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Persian Indigo #3e0f74 rgb(62,15,116)
Medium Purple #7c4cdc rgb(124,76,220)
Gigas #5532a2 rgb(85,50,162)
Tapa #747372 rgb(116,115,114)
Dark Blue #3c04cc rgb(60,4,204)
Shark #28282a rgb(40,40,42)
Biloba Flower #c49ee9 rgb(196,158,233)
Portage #9460f0 rgb(148,96,240)
Windsor #330b79 rgb(51,11,121)
Royal Blue #7845e8 rgb(120,69,232)
Daisy Bush #512da4 rgb(81,45,164)
Mid Gray #615e69 rgb(97,94,105)
Kingfisher Daisy #3404ac rgb(52,4,172)
Baltic Sea #211e26 rgb(33,30,38)
East Side #957bc8 rgb(149,123,200)
Electric Violet #6129ec rgb(97,41,236)
Lemon Grass #9ea29c rgb(158,162,156)
Deep Blue #2a0a79 rgb(42,10,121)
Mine Shaft #3c3738 rgb(60,55,56)
Electric Violet #6e38f0 rgb(110,56,240)
Portage #9c74ec rgb(156,116,236)
Persian Indigo #310f74 rgb(49,15,116)
Royal Blue #7543e8 rgb(117,67,232)
Electric Violet #6934f3 rgb(105,52,243)
Kabul #624841 rgb(98,72,65)
Gigas #5432a1 rgb(84,50,161)
Storm Dust #6b6b6a rgb(107,107,106)
Medium Purple #9874e5 rgb(152,116,229)
Daisy Bush #532ca4 rgb(83,44,164)
Mountain Mist #9c9b9f rgb(156,155,159)
Meteorite #401d6c rgb(64,29,108)
Dove Gray #636363 rgb(99,99,99)
Perfume #c69df9 rgb(198,157,249)

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