Prantokon: A Free Mobile App Landing Page Template Prantokon: A Free Mobile App Landing Page Template Prantokon: A Free Mobile App Landing Page Template Prantokon: A Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

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Promote your business like a champ with Prantokon free landing page website template. You can use it for applications, services and other products that need extra exposure and get the hype going. It is all carefully packed in one neat web design that is easy to use and effortless to customize.

Prantokon is based on Bootstrap and comes entirely mobile-ready with a solid collection of features. From a persuasive home page to all other exclusive sections for your team, pricing and contact, Prantokon provides it all. Call-to-action buttons are tactically placed across the layout for the increased potential of conversions and downloads.

All in all, Prantokon is one hell of a template with an outstanding performance that will take your project to new heights. Get things rolling and make a spectacular landing page today.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tan #d3a686 rgb(211,166,134)
Gull Gray #9eafbb rgb(158,175,187)
Catalina Blue #0d4280 rgb(13,66,128)
Shuttle Gray #5f6774 rgb(95,103,116)
Akaroa #d5baa6 rgb(213,186,166)
Steel Blue #578aba rgb(87,138,186)
Hurricane #948484 rgb(148,132,132)
San Marino #426895 rgb(66,104,149)
Dorado #6c5c59 rgb(108,92,89)
Danube #7cacd4 rgb(124,172,212)
Havelock Blue #66a9e2 rgb(102,169,226)
Spicy Pink #7c6c6c rgb(124,108,108)
Catalina Blue #06306c rgb(6,48,108)
Scorpion #6d6467 rgb(109,100,103)
Cornflower #98bee4 rgb(152,190,228)
Venice Blue #0b4d93 rgb(11,77,147)
Suva Gray #7e7c7e rgb(126,124,126)
Deep Sapphire #06265a rgb(6,38,90)
Mirage #1b182c rgb(27,24,44)
Jordy Blue #8bcaf1 rgb(139,202,241)
Steel Blue #588cbc rgb(88,140,188)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Chathams Blue #12447e rgb(18,68,126)
Ming #3e6286 rgb(62,98,134)
Tory Blue #105ba4 rgb(16,91,164)
Rolling Stone #768189 rgb(118,129,137)
Chathams Blue #0f427e rgb(15,66,126)
Jordy Blue #7bbced rgb(123,188,237)
Denim #0c6cc6 rgb(12,108,198)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Chathams Blue #17467f rgb(23,70,127)
Scorpion #5d5c5c rgb(93,92,92)
Havelock Blue #64a4dc rgb(100,164,220)
Chathams Blue #174b87 rgb(23,75,135)
Mid Gray #5e5e61 rgb(94,94,97)
Biscay #173769 rgb(23,55,105)
Abbey #4b4c4f rgb(75,76,79)
Jordy Blue #80c0ee rgb(128,192,238)
Seagull #79b7e6 rgb(121,183,230)
Natural Gray #93908d rgb(147,144,141)
Bay of Many #214a80 rgb(33,74,128)
Dorado #695755 rgb(105,87,85)
Blizzard Blue #a7d0ec rgb(167,208,236)

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