Surogou: A Free Insurance Website Template Surogou: A Free Insurance Website Template

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This template offers a very well designed template that fits insurance or security websites. The stylish design of this template is fully tailorable to your business's needs and your preferences.

The color palette of this template is composed by 24 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Rob Roy #eec76a rgb(238,199,106)
Hurricane #8d8184 rgb(141,129,132)
Cedar #4b1e18 rgb(75,30,24)
Thunder #191619 rgb(25,22,25)
Tulip Tree #edbc36 rgb(237,188,54)
Danube #57a2c8 rgb(87,162,200)
Star Dust #979691 rgb(151,150,145)
Firefly #10242e rgb(16,36,46)
Abbey #46484c rgb(70,72,76)
Pavlova #d4bf97 rgb(212,191,151)
Eastern Blue #2485b8 rgb(36,133,184)
Beaver #8a6451 rgb(138,100,81)
Blue Chill #0c6ca4 rgb(12,108,164)
Mirage #192228 rgb(25,34,40)
Yuma #d3c09c rgb(211,192,156)
Matisse #1c749c rgb(28,116,156)
Half Baked #8cbccc rgb(140,188,204)
Eastern Blue #1c7cb2 rgb(28,124,178)
Fountain Blue #5aa5c7 rgb(90,165,199)
Picton Blue #43abec rgb(67,171,236)
Glacier #77a4c0 rgb(119,164,192)
Calypso #306881 rgb(48,104,129)
Shark #2d2e2f rgb(45,46,47)
Picton Blue #4dace9 rgb(77,172,233)

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