Unapp: A Free Business App Website Template Unapp: A Free Business App Website Template Unapp: A Free Business App Website Template Unapp: A Free Business App Website Template Unapp: A Free Business App Website Template

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With Unapp free business app website template, you bring your big project online and share it with the masses. To truly see the success you want for your product, a website is the first thing you need to create. Instead of coming up with your own design and investing countless hours into it, we did the work for you. Here is Unapp.

While first and foremost, Unapp is meant for apps of all types, you can go way beyond that with it. Unapp offers you to implement content marketing with a blog and even expand your web presence with an online shop. Use your imagination and have no limits when it comes to setting up an extraordinary web space for your business app.

The color palette of this template is composed by 46 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Emerald #4dc987 rgb(77,201,135)
Mountain Mist #97929a rgb(151,146,154)
Green Pea #1e6540 rgb(30,101,64)
Havelock Blue #6c90e3 rgb(108,144,227)
Havelock Blue #6c8ce0 rgb(108,140,224)
Lucky Point #172e6d rgb(23,46,109)
Cod Gray #0c0c0c rgb(12,12,12)
Cornflower #9cb5e9 rgb(156,181,233)
Polo Blue #8796cc rgb(135,150,204)
Scarpa Flow #5d5c5e rgb(93,92,94)
Cloud Burst #27335d rgb(39,51,93)
Cod Gray #0f0e0f rgb(15,14,15)
Havelock Blue #6192e2 rgb(97,146,226)
Wild Willow #bcd06c rgb(188,208,108)
Viridian #408884 rgb(64,136,132)
Pelorous #3cb8bc rgb(60,184,188)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Green Pea #206264 rgb(32,98,100)
Cod Gray #080808 rgb(8,8,8)
Link Water #f3f3fc rgb(243,243,252)
Royal Blue #344ce4 rgb(52,76,228)
Logan #999ec0 rgb(153,158,192)
Deep Koamaru #0f1d75 rgb(15,29,117)
Old Rose #c49c7c rgb(196,156,124)
Royal Blue #2c44eb rgb(44,68,235)
Cement #8a6961 rgb(138,105,97)
Chambray #3d469b rgb(61,70,155)
Cod Gray #151414 rgb(21,20,20)
Dull Lavender #96a0e3 rgb(150,160,227)
Havelock Blue #6a8cdc rgb(106,140,220)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Biscay #19316b rgb(25,49,107)
Picton Blue #4c98e4 rgb(76,152,228)
Earls Green #bfbf3f rgb(191,191,63)
Gothic #6c8c9c rgb(108,140,156)
Thatch Green #3c3c14 rgb(60,60,20)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Cornflower Blue #6098e9 rgb(96,152,233)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Chathams Blue #103974 rgb(16,57,116)
Tundora #484848 rgb(72,72,72)
Ship Cove #6d8fbe rgb(109,143,190)
Matisse #1c759f rgb(28,117,159)
Gunsmoke #7f8080 rgb(127,128,128)
Chathams Blue #135270 rgb(19,82,112)
Wistful #a8aad6 rgb(168,170,214)

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