Transcend: A Free Design Studio Website Template Transcend: A Free Design Studio Website Template Transcend: A Free Design Studio Website Template Transcend: A Free Design Studio Website Template

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Showcase your works with Transcend free design studio website template and boost your business to new successes. With a strategically and professionally executed page, attracting new visitors will not be an issue anymore. Inspire and impress everyone that stumbles across your page and turn him or her into a loyal client.

Everything Transcend does, it does it with insane style. From full-screen banner and navigation to portfolio section and testimonials, it all deserves your attention. Investigate every single detail of the free one-page Bootstrap template by heading over to the live preview page. Click around and spend as much time as you want examining the outstanding web design. Pick Transcend and craft a matchless website and go against the norm.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Persian Red #cd4131 rgb(205,65,49)
Scorpion #615b5c rgb(97,91,92)
Paco #32100c rgb(50,16,12)
Bossanova #392347 rgb(57,35,71)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c04c4c rgb(192,76,76)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Wine Berry #622222 rgb(98,34,34)
Emperor #555555 rgb(85,85,85)
White Ice #ecfcfc rgb(236,252,252)
Antique Brass #c68e5f rgb(198,142,95)
Scorpion #605c5c rgb(96,92,92)
Java #24bcb4 rgb(36,188,180)
Sand Dune #7c6661 rgb(124,102,97)
Gold Sand #e2b484 rgb(226,180,132)
Tan #cda47e rgb(205,164,126)
Shady Lady #9d9b9d rgb(157,155,157)
Elm #207180 rgb(32,113,128)
Nevada #6e6f72 rgb(110,111,114)
Glacier #74acc0 rgb(116,172,192)
Boston Blue #319eaf rgb(49,158,175)
Kabul #5f4741 rgb(95,71,65)
Cape Palliser #997e44 rgb(153,126,68)
Gondola #0a0608 rgb(10,6,8)
Tumbleweed #d9b186 rgb(217,177,134)
Apple #3cb83c rgb(60,184,60)
Coral Tree #ac7464 rgb(172,116,100)
Green Pea #206320 rgb(32,99,32)
Tundora #4c4c4c rgb(76,76,76)
Red Violet #bc1d7a rgb(188,29,122)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Disco #8c1454 rgb(140,20,84)
Cod Gray #141414 rgb(20,20,20)
Chestnut Rose #cc745c rgb(204,116,92)
Monsoon #8c848c rgb(140,132,140)
Plantation #24504c rgb(36,80,76)
Mine Shaft #342c2c rgb(52,44,44)
My Pink #cc9484 rgb(204,148,132)
Red Violet #cc147c rgb(204,20,124)
Gunsmoke #7c8484 rgb(124,132,132)
Cloud Burst #24344c rgb(36,52,76)

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