Massive: A Free Responsive App Landing Website Template Massive: A Free Responsive App Landing Website Template Massive: A Free Responsive App Landing Website Template Massive: A Free Responsive App Landing Website Template

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Are you about to release a fresh new mobile app but you do not have a website yet? Choose Massive free responsive app landing website template and execute marketing strategically. Without a page, you are far from seeing the success you plan on achieving. Massive is the template that not only becomes the infrastructure of your web presence, but it boosts conversions, too. Without one there is no other.

Modernistic and innovative website template, Massive, gives you enough space to present your mobile application in the most refined way. Give yourself a chance to stand out online and thrive. With the right set of tools (hurray for free Massive template), sooner rather than later a spectacular website takes off. Win big times!

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Viking #65b6d5 rgb(101,182,213)
Abbey #4f5658 rgb(79,86,88)
Cerulean #0c94d3 rgb(12,148,211)
Woodsmoke #060707 rgb(6,7,7)
Rock Blue #98c0cf rgb(152,192,207)
Curious Blue #309fcc rgb(48,159,204)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Blumine #19536b rgb(25,83,107)
Shakespeare #5cb4d4 rgb(92,180,212)
Curious Blue #1393d3 rgb(19,147,211)
Oslo Gray #8a8b8c rgb(138,139,140)
Astral #3286a6 rgb(50,134,166)
Shark #29292b rgb(41,41,43)
Morning Glory #99c3dd rgb(153,195,221)
Curious Blue #2c9cdc rgb(44,156,220)
Mid Gray #646468 rgb(100,100,104)
Eastern Blue #1888bc rgb(24,136,188)
Ship Gray #343335 rgb(52,51,53)
Shakespeare #5db4d6 rgb(93,180,214)
Fountain Blue #55a2c1 rgb(85,162,193)
Jumbo #858587 rgb(133,133,135)
Bismark #42798d rgb(66,121,141)
Shark #252527 rgb(37,37,39)
Malibu #8fe2f8 rgb(143,226,248)
Viking #6cbcd8 rgb(108,188,216)
Gull Gray #9cb1bc rgb(156,177,188)
Blumine #1b5468 rgb(27,84,104)
Link Water #e4ecfa rgb(228,236,250)
Picton Blue #44bcf4 rgb(68,188,244)
Gray Nickel #b4b4ac rgb(180,180,172)
Venice Blue #07577d rgb(7,87,125)
Seagull #87c8e9 rgb(135,200,233)
Polo Blue #91b6cd rgb(145,182,205)
Smalt Blue #547b86 rgb(84,123,134)
Astral #2e84a9 rgb(46,132,169)
Shark #282c33 rgb(40,44,51)
Anakiwa #97e7f9 rgb(151,231,249)
Jelly Bean #287fb3 rgb(40,127,179)
Corduroy #686c69 rgb(104,108,105)
Boston Blue #3c8ea8 rgb(60,142,168)
Outer Space #2d3236 rgb(45,50,54)
Cornflower #8acaea rgb(138,202,234)

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