Mosh: A Free Responsive Creative Agency Website Template Mosh: A Free Responsive Creative Agency Website Template Mosh: A Free Responsive Creative Agency Website Template Mosh: A Free Responsive Creative Agency Website Template

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If you run a business that helps others design stuff, Mosh free responsive creative agency website template is to consider. For a quick launch of a page to showcases your works, your talents and your services, a predefined template is a wise decision to make. Mosh has it all in store for you to easily and effortlessly engineer an appealing page to attract new clients and seal new business deals.

Although Mosh has quite a variety of inner pages at your disposal, it is the home page that receives the most attention. No matter the level of your website building experience, Mosh makes sure the end products are always of the highest standards. Professional, modern and advanced, that’s how your websites become once Mosh takes over.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Minsk #333486 rgb(51,52,134)
Kimberly #736f95 rgb(115,111,149)
Astral #3470ad rgb(52,112,173)
Port Gore #24254b rgb(36,37,75)
Royal Blue #4a54de rgb(74,84,222)
Cornflower Blue #5c84ec rgb(92,132,236)
Waterloo #848494 rgb(132,132,148)
Sapphire #2c54a9 rgb(44,84,169)
Polo Blue #94b4dc rgb(148,180,220)
Royal Blue #4e7be8 rgb(78,123,232)
Slate Gray #768198 rgb(118,129,152)
Chambray #354b94 rgb(53,75,148)
Mako #414349 rgb(65,67,73)
Dull Lavender #90aee0 rgb(144,174,224)
St Tropaz #254ca1 rgb(37,76,161)
Wild Blue Yonder #6d7db3 rgb(109,125,179)
Eminence #5d3573 rgb(93,53,115)
Ebony Clay #202233 rgb(32,34,51)
Viking #5cdad9 rgb(92,218,217)
Viking #54d5d3 rgb(84,213,211)
Trendy Pink #83588c rgb(131,88,140)
St Tropaz #244ba2 rgb(36,75,162)
Green Kelp #203527 rgb(32,53,39)
Mandy #e54b5c rgb(229,75,92)
Cornflower Blue #4c7cec rgb(76,124,236)
Jumbo #7c7c84 rgb(124,124,132)
St Tropaz #24449c rgb(36,68,156)
Martinique #36354f rgb(54,53,79)
Ship Cove #8494c4 rgb(132,148,196)
Royal Blue #4c6ded rgb(76,109,237)
Oslo Gray #898e91 rgb(137,142,145)
St Tropaz #244a9c rgb(36,74,156)
Perano #a4acf4 rgb(164,172,244)
St Tropaz #244ba3 rgb(36,75,163)
Ship Cove #859abe rgb(133,154,190)
Chambray #334a87 rgb(51,74,135)
Tuna #343146 rgb(52,49,70)
Royal Blue #4b7aea rgb(75,122,234)
Royal Blue #4e68ef rgb(78,104,239)
Spun Pearl #adacae rgb(173,172,174)
Chambray #324b82 rgb(50,75,130)
Mako #42464e rgb(66,70,78)
Polo Blue #889dce rgb(136,157,206)

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