Selene: A Vibrant Free Mobile App Landing Page Selene: A Vibrant Free Mobile App Landing Page Selene: A Vibrant Free Mobile App Landing Page Selene: A Vibrant Free Mobile App Landing Page

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Pick up the innovative and vibrant free app landing page website template, Selene, and push your product to the limit. The tool is great to advertise your mobile, web or desktop applications and boost the growth of your downloads. Your page will stand out from the crowd due to Selene’s unique selection of colors and awesome features. Take to your advantage its full potential and be prepared for spectacular results that will come afterward.

Sticky menu, animated statistics, pricing tables, screenshot slider, Google Store and Apple Store call-to-action buttons, Selene supplies you with all the must-haves. In just a click, Selene free landing page website template can be yours and ready to create a functional website out of it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 38 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Violet Red #f74482 rgb(247,68,130)
Affair #6c4c93 rgb(108,76,147)
Victoria #5c3c85 rgb(92,60,133)
Victoria #543c7c rgb(84,60,124)
Sapling #dcd79a rgb(220,215,154)
Froly #ec698c rgb(236,105,140)
Mongoose #bca078 rgb(188,160,120)
Rose Bud Cherry #750e2a rgb(117,14,42)
Zombie #d4e594 rgb(212,229,148)
Deep Blush #e2648f rgb(226,100,143)
Mulled Wine #56416b rgb(86,65,107)
Eclipse #2f2115 rgb(47,33,21)
Spicy Mix #8b6d40 rgb(139,109,64)
Zombie #d6e393 rgb(214,227,147)
Violet Red #fc4c8c rgb(252,76,140)
Santas Gray #aaa4b2 rgb(170,164,178)
Siren #820230 rgb(130,2,48)
Smoky #6a587a rgb(106,88,122)
Cashmere #e4bca5 rgb(228,188,165)
Hopbush #cc618b rgb(204,97,139)
Butterfly Bush #614a7e rgb(97,74,126)
Hippie Green #6c9044 rgb(108,144,68)
Tuna #36363e rgb(54,54,62)
Cashmere #e4c2a2 rgb(228,194,162)
Saffron #f4c42c rgb(244,196,44)
Manatee #9494a4 rgb(148,148,164)
Yukon Gold #7e6106 rgb(126,97,6)
Cashmere #e8b7a7 rgb(232,183,167)
Violet Red #fa4b8a rgb(250,75,138)
Siren #810330 rgb(129,3,48)
Wewak #f499b4 rgb(244,153,180)
Violet Red #fa4d8c rgb(250,77,140)
Victoria #5e4080 rgb(94,64,128)
Siren #800331 rgb(128,3,49)
Charade #303045 rgb(48,48,69)
Wewak #f39eb2 rgb(243,158,178)
Affair #603e7f rgb(96,62,127)
Deco #d8dc95 rgb(216,220,149)

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