Apps: a Stunning Free App Landing Page Website Template Apps: a Stunning Free App Landing Page Website Template Apps: a Stunning Free App Landing Page Website Template Apps: a Stunning Free App Landing Page Website Template

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Apps is a stunning free app landing page website template to market your mobile and web masterpieces internationally. It does not matter whether you are an Android or an iOS app developer, Apps is a versatile tool for all. Incorporate some creativity, and you can use Apps for other intentions, too. For instance, it can suit perfectly for SaaS and other tech services.

Even if you have the best app in the world, mobile or web, if no one knows about it, why all the extra effort? The first step to promoting it is by designing and developing a download boosting website. With Apps template, the modern and straightforward design is ready to use. Fill it with your content, and you are short moments away from the big launch.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #3cb1fb rgb(60,177,251)
Nevada #6e7274 rgb(110,114,116)
Cerulean #05b3cc rgb(5,179,204)
Shark #232428 rgb(35,36,40)
Malibu #44d4fc rgb(68,212,252)
Downy #6cd0cc rgb(108,208,204)
Amethyst Smoke #9c8ca4 rgb(156,140,164)
Green Pea #206461 rgb(32,100,97)
Mortar #4c3c54 rgb(76,60,84)
Portage #8c9cf4 rgb(140,156,244)
Cornflower Blue #73a6f0 rgb(115,166,240)
Silver Chalice #a2a2a2 rgb(162,162,162)
Deep Sapphire #0c3877 rgb(12,56,119)
Voodoo #483452 rgb(72,52,82)
Portage #9395f1 rgb(147,149,241)
Picton Blue #47b7ec rgb(71,183,236)
Gunsmoke #848888 rgb(132,136,136)
Atoll #0c5578 rgb(12,85,120)
Seagull #80ccec rgb(128,204,236)
Mojo #c9463e rgb(201,70,62)
Nepal #96afbf rgb(150,175,191)
Fun Blue #1b50b3 rgb(27,80,179)
Shark #262627 rgb(38,38,39)
Picton Blue #4db5f2 rgb(77,181,242)
Sandy brown #f5a05e rgb(245,160,94)
Brandy Rose #b77d83 rgb(183,125,131)
Cocoa Bean #542320 rgb(84,35,32)
Ironside Gray #6c6c60 rgb(108,108,96)
Manhattan #f6bd83 rgb(246,189,131)
Cornflower #86c7df rgb(134,199,223)
Crocodile #797156 rgb(121,113,86)
Jelly Bean #2c6c94 rgb(44,108,148)
Finlandia #5c5e5c rgb(92,94,92)
Link Water #c5e4f2 rgb(197,228,242)
Tan Hide #fbab5a rgb(251,171,90)
Don Juan #5a4e58 rgb(90,78,88)
Tamarind #2c1311 rgb(44,19,17)
Cannon Pink #874b58 rgb(135,75,88)
Rajah #fbc074 rgb(251,192,116)
Dodger Blue #40b3fb rgb(64,179,251)
Sandstone #77685d rgb(119,104,93)
Nile Blue #182f4a rgb(24,47,74)
Matterhorn #493c42 rgb(73,60,66)
Seagull #84cde8 rgb(132,205,232)

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