Appy: A Modern Mobile App Landing Page Appy: A Modern Mobile App Landing Page Appy: A Modern Mobile App Landing Page Appy: A Modern Mobile App Landing Page

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If you are a developer with a new product on the horizon, the free mobile app website template, Appy, is one you should not miss. With a modern and neat web design, Appy pushes your application and helps you spread the word. It is a one-page website template with all the necessary elements and outstanding characteristics. Optimized for first-class performance and lightning fast loading speeds, Appy is a gem that comes close to the level of premium templates. Call-to-action buttons are strategically placed for an increased conversion/download rate. Dedicated sections for features, testimonials and screenshots will spark interest in everyone landing on your website. Besides, Appy template also has a nifty newsletter subscription form and a blog section. Use the latter to go behind the scenes and for content marketing.

The color palette of this template is composed by 38 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fuchsia Blue #644fc3 rgb(100,79,195)
San Marino #4d5fac rgb(77,95,172)
Daisy Bush #3d2c9e rgb(61,44,158)
Seagull #72b6ea rgb(114,182,234)
Cornflower Blue #65a0e4 rgb(101,160,228)
Trout #4e5468 rgb(78,84,104)
Chathams Blue #133f70 rgb(19,63,112)
Millbrook #543c2c rgb(84,60,44)
Antique Brass #cd9571 rgb(205,149,113)
Indigo #5050c9 rgb(80,80,201)
Nepal #929bc0 rgb(146,155,192)
Daisy Bush #3c24a6 rgb(60,36,166)
Mondo #4b372c rgb(75,55,44)
Antique Brass #c48c68 rgb(196,140,104)
Cornflower Blue #5c8afb rgb(92,138,251)
Resolution Blue #032781 rgb(3,39,129)
Seagull #81b0e8 rgb(129,176,232)
Governor Bay #4c40c5 rgb(76,64,197)
Ship Cove #6981bc rgb(105,129,188)
Gigas #4839a0 rgb(72,57,160)
Pigeon Post #babede rgb(186,190,222)
Indigo #5a68bf rgb(90,104,191)
Ship Cove #6884bc rgb(104,132,188)
Cloud Burst #252d5f rgb(37,45,95)
Indigo #5e78c5 rgb(94,120,197)
Cornflower Blue #5b7de9 rgb(91,125,233)
Blue Bell #8681c9 rgb(134,129,201)
Deep Koamaru #0f2774 rgb(15,39,116)
Jordy Blue #94d0f4 rgb(148,208,244)
Danube #72a9d7 rgb(114,169,215)
Waikawa Gray #616796 rgb(97,103,150)
Gigas #4a3e93 rgb(74,62,147)
Mulled Wine #514d74 rgb(81,77,116)
Indigo #545bcd rgb(84,91,205)
Mid Gray #626263 rgb(98,98,99)
Gigas #493d9d rgb(73,61,157)
Tundora #424242 rgb(66,66,66)
Cornflower Blue #66b3eb rgb(102,179,235)

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