Susan: A Creative and simple Mobile App Landing Page Susan: A Creative and simple Mobile App Landing Page Susan: A Creative and simple Mobile App Landing Page Susan: A Creative and simple Mobile App Landing Page

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Susan is a creative and simple app landing page and showcase website template for iOS, Android, other mobile apps, SaaS, Software and any other website. It has 2 demo variations that you can choose from and it doesn’t stop there as you can combine them to make a website you have always dreamed of.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Lavender #c475db rgb(196,117,219)
Mountbatten Pink #a38690 rgb(163,134,144)
Purple Heart #5f19b7 rgb(95,25,183)
Outer Space #343a40 rgb(52,58,64)
Light Wisteria #d0a6da rgb(208,166,218)
Havelock Blue #606fda rgb(96,111,218)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Piper #bc6424 rgb(188,100,36)
Smoky #645c74 rgb(100,92,116)
Picton Blue #378ee9 rgb(55,142,233)
Fuchsia Blue #854fc3 rgb(133,79,195)
Gray #7e7e7e rgb(126,126,126)
Desert #b74d25 rgb(183,77,37)
Ship Gray #343337 rgb(52,51,55)
Royal Blue #5374dd rgb(83,116,221)
Indigo #4482c9 rgb(68,130,201)
Rolling Stone #797b7f rgb(121,123,127)
Plum #943494 rgb(148,52,148)
Kashmir Blue #4c6195 rgb(76,97,149)
Viking #6cb9db rgb(108,185,219)
San Marino #435d95 rgb(67,93,149)
Rolling Stone #7a7b7c rgb(122,123,124)
East Bay #384d7a rgb(56,77,122)
Bastille #1c161d rgb(28,22,29)
Viking #6dbada rgb(109,186,218)
Vivid Violet #8c3c9b rgb(140,60,155)
Falcon #795c71 rgb(121,92,113)
Cosmic #7f3a5c rgb(127,58,92)
Bossanova #5f2c60 rgb(95,44,96)
Amethyst #a445d0 rgb(164,69,208)
Oslo Gray #96999c rgb(150,153,156)
San Juan #345b74 rgb(52,91,116)
Tuna #333439 rgb(51,52,57)
Prelude #dcc4e4 rgb(220,196,228)
Rouge #a23b91 rgb(162,59,145)
Eminence #703879 rgb(112,56,121)
Vivid Violet #923ca7 rgb(146,60,167)
Strikemaster #895979 rgb(137,89,121)
Amour #f5e0f0 rgb(245,224,240)
Amethyst #a343ce rgb(163,67,206)
Baltic Sea #2e2b2f rgb(46,43,47)
Light Wisteria #d5a2e5 rgb(213,162,229)

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