DevBlog: A Free Bootstrap 4 Blog Template for Developers DevBlog: A Free Bootstrap 4 Blog Template for Developers DevBlog: A Free Bootstrap 4 Blog Template for Developers

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DevBlog is a free Bootstrap blog template made for developers. It provides a great reading experience for desktop and mobile users. Comes with 8 hand-picked colour schemes, you can easily customise the theme colour/styling via the source SCSS files.

Blogging is a great way for developers to share their ideas and promote their work or side projects. This template can help you set up a professional-looking blog in no time. No need to rely on a third-party blogging platform – get all the traffic to your own site instead. Want to get your blog online and start building your audience?

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ripe Lemon #f2da1d rgb(242,218,29)
Sirocco #727776 rgb(114,119,118)
Hacienda #94861e rgb(148,134,30)
Tuatara #252523 rgb(37,37,35)
Sorrell Brown #cdae8a rgb(205,174,138)
Emerald #5cca6c rgb(92,202,108)
Roman Coffee #846450 rgb(132,100,80)
Green Pea #20642a rgb(32,100,42)
Rangoon Green #181914 rgb(24,25,20)
Tan #d4a78f rgb(212,167,143)
Muddy Waters #bf8b6c rgb(191,139,108)
Manatee #94989e rgb(148,152,158)
Himalaya #775b23 rgb(119,91,35)
Kabul #564e3d rgb(86,78,61)
Tan #cea189 rgb(206,161,137)
Emerald #5fcb75 rgb(95,203,117)
Norway #96b596 rgb(150,181,150)
Green Pea #20642e rgb(32,100,46)
Scarpa Flow #504d55 rgb(80,77,85)
Fringy Flower #b4e4bc rgb(180,228,188)
Polo Blue #7c9cca rgb(124,156,202)
Blue Smoke #6e897d rgb(110,137,125)
Cerulean Blue #265cbc rgb(38,92,188)
Mine Shaft #353535 rgb(53,53,53)
Moss Green #a1dba9 rgb(161,219,169)
Emerald #5dcb73 rgb(93,203,115)
Dove Gray #766e6b rgb(118,110,107)
Fruit Salad #479655 rgb(71,150,85)
Como #4a7552 rgb(74,117,82)
De York #74c88d rgb(116,200,141)
Cerulean Blue #275aba rgb(39,90,186)
Corduroy #687a71 rgb(104,122,113)
Fruit Salad #489656 rgb(72,150,86)
Mine Shaft #323232 rgb(50,50,50)
Danube #68a4d1 rgb(104,164,209)

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