CoderDocs: A Free Bootstrap 4 Documentation Template For Software Projects CoderDocs: A Free Bootstrap 4 Documentation Template For Software Projects CoderDocs: A Free Bootstrap 4 Documentation Template For Software Projects

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CoderDocs is a free Bootstrap 4 documentation template made for software developers. Writing good software documentation is hard so let our template help you so you can concentrate on writing the best information for your users. We’ve included all the source SCSS files in the free download so it’s super quick and easy to customize the color scheme or design to suit your software project.

This template comes with a modern landing page where your users can get a clear overview of your docs’ structure so they can navigate to a specific section with ease. A prominent search box on the landing page can help your users to find what they’re looking for without guess work. The main docs page design is responsive and works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. The side navigation will collapse automatically on mobile devices to give your content priority, but your users can still easily access the side nav by toggling the hamburger button. This template can provide you with all the essential components for creating successful documentation for your software project. You can easily add great-looking code snippets, well formatted data tables, informative callout boxes and handy image lightboxes.

The color palette of this template is composed by 29 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Emerald #4ac083 rgb(74,192,131)
Salt Box #67646a rgb(103,100,106)
Jungle Green #24b46c rgb(36,180,108)
De York #70ce9b rgb(112,206,155)
Jungle Green #34bc74 rgb(52,188,116)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Jungle Green #2cb46c rgb(44,180,108)
Shuttle Gray #5c6064 rgb(92,96,100)
Vista Blue #84d4ac rgb(132,212,172)
Danube #599ad4 rgb(89,154,212)
Storm Gray #686b7f rgb(104,107,127)
Charade #292d38 rgb(41,45,56)
Tumbleweed #dca474 rgb(220,164,116)
Japonica #d6816c rgb(214,129,108)
Santas Gray #999ca9 rgb(153,156,169)
Metallic Copper #672b1c rgb(103,43,28)
Shuttle Gray #606a7a rgb(96,106,122)
New Orleans #f4dc98 rgb(244,220,152)
Chestnut Rose #d46c6c rgb(212,108,108)
Del Rio #a8908f rgb(168,144,143)
Comet #5c647c rgb(92,100,124)
Tulip Tree #ecbc3c rgb(236,188,60)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Green Pea #226242 rgb(34,98,66)
Emerald #5ccc8c rgb(92,204,140)
Shamrock #44d484 rgb(68,212,132)
Spicy Mix #85504c rgb(133,80,76)
Ebony Clay #242c36 rgb(36,44,54)
Ziggurat #b9d3e1 rgb(185,211,225)

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