Shards: A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers Shards: A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers Shards: A free and modern UI toolkit for web makers

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Shards is built with performance in mind having a small footprint and weighting ~13kb minified and gzipped. With Bootstrap 4 at its core, Shards is responsive by default being able to adapt and reflow its layout to any screen size. Everything new in Shards is well documented so you can start building beautiful interfaces as soon as possible.

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mountain Meadow #22c77b rgb(34,199,123)
Shuttle Gray #5d636b rgb(93,99,107)
Cardinal #c41c3c rgb(196,28,60)
Shark #25262d rgb(37,38,45)
New Orleans #f4d3a3 rgb(244,211,163)
Dodger Blue #1486fc rgb(20,134,252)
Santas Gray #9ca2b2 rgb(156,162,178)
Congress Blue #014182 rgb(1,65,130)
Aqua Spring #f4f9fc rgb(244,249,252)
Azure Radiance #067afa rgb(6,122,250)
Bazaar #9a717e rgb(154,113,126)
Mountain Meadow #16c475 rgb(22,196,117)
Mako #3e414a rgb(62,65,74)
Rock Blue #9bb2d0 rgb(155,178,208)
Golden Grass #dca41c rgb(220,164,28)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Mountain Meadow #14c474 rgb(20,196,116)
Shuttle Gray #5c646c rgb(92,100,108)
Cornflower Blue #569cea rgb(86,156,234)
Selective Yellow #fcb404 rgb(252,180,4)
Shuttle Gray #5a6269 rgb(90,98,105)
Shark #24242c rgb(36,36,44)
Regent St Blue #9cbedc rgb(156,190,220)
Azure Radiance #0c7ceb rgb(12,124,235)
Nepal #8aa0c1 rgb(138,160,193)
Tosca #9e4147 rgb(158,65,71)
Shuttle Gray #586067 rgb(88,96,103)
Calico #dfb993 rgb(223,185,147)
Azure Radiance #057cfb rgb(5,124,251)
Shuttle Gray #5b636b rgb(91,99,107)
Shark #23232c rgb(35,35,44)
Humming Bird #d3f1f9 rgb(211,241,249)

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