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Views is a free Shopware 5 open source theme created by the guys at Blur Creative. This template requires at least Shopware 5.2 or newer as well the Default Bare and Responsive Theme in the latest Shopware Version. The best way to get started with this template is to setup the theme's configuration templates. To do this, in the Theme Manager, go to Configurate Theme option and then click Configure Theme in the configuration window. Choose the template after installed and refine the layout in the theme configuration.

This template features:

  • modern and elegant design
  • multipurpose design
  • mobile first principle
  • latest CSS and HTML techniques
  • awesome customizable theme configuration
  • payment, shipping and social media icons at the footer
  • steady improvements and updates
  • Compatible with versions: 5.2.0 – 5.2.27 5.3.0 – 5.3.7 5.4.0 – 5.4.6

The template provides support for i18n (English and German). You can visit as the well the official Github repository here.

The color palette of this template is composed by 24 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Japonica #d28564 rgb(210,133,100)
Turkish Rose #b37593 rgb(179,117,147)
Calypso #397694 rgb(57,118,148)
Shark #282931 rgb(40,41,49)
Sea Pink #eba8a1 rgb(235,168,161)
Half Baked #72c3c4 rgb(114,195,196)
Gunsmoke #828483 rgb(130,132,131)
Blumine #1d6688 rgb(29,102,136)
Abbey #505257 rgb(80,82,87)
Tacha #c8d458 rgb(200,212,88)
Tacha #c5d155 rgb(197,209,85)
Xanadu #7b7d7b rgb(123,125,123)
Denim #107aab rgb(16,122,171)
Mako #475057 rgb(71,80,87)
Ziggurat #b6d8dd rgb(182,216,221)
Bay of Many #254c7a rgb(37,76,122)
Abbey #4b5056 rgb(75,80,86)
St Tropaz #27598c rgb(39,89,140)
Shark #2c2c33 rgb(44,44,51)
St Tropaz #26578a rgb(38,87,138)
Mako #484e57 rgb(72,78,87)
Bilbao #317715 rgb(49,119,21)
Bright Gray #3c434b rgb(60,67,75)
Contessa #c36f80 rgb(195,111,128)