Rampatra Wedding: A Feature Rich, Device Friendly Wedding Website Template Rampatra Wedding: A Feature Rich, Device Friendly Wedding Website Template Rampatra Wedding: A Feature Rich, Device Friendly Wedding Website Template

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A beautiful, feature rich, device friendly wedding website.

  1. Slick and fully responsive design.
  2. RSVP feature which directly uploads data to a Google sheet.
  3. Receive email alerts when someone RSVPs.
  4. Add to Calendar feature which supports four different calendars.
  5. Book Uber button lets guests book a cab to the venue with just a single tap.
  6. Start and run the website completely free. No hosting, backend server, or database required as you can use GitHub pages to host and Google sheets (with the help of Google scripts) to store rsvp data.

The color palette of this template is composed by 35 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ironstone #824a3c rgb(130,74,60)
Shadow #877148 rgb(135,113,72)
Sycamore #a19c44 rgb(161,156,68)
Quincy #624332 rgb(98,67,50)
Cameo #d6b49f rgb(214,180,159)
Tussock #be9c49 rgb(190,156,73)
Zambezi #675a5c rgb(103,90,92)
San Juan #2c5474 rgb(44,84,116)
Don Juan #604c4c rgb(96,76,76)
Equator #e0bc68 rgb(224,188,104)
Calico #debc85 rgb(222,188,133)
Leather #997854 rgb(153,120,84)
East Bay #3d5a83 rgb(61,90,131)
Bunker #11161d rgb(17,22,29)
Double Spanish White #e5c9b5 rgb(229,201,181)
Tan #caa085 rgb(202,160,133)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Plantation #294b58 rgb(41,75,88)
Saddle #4e3027 rgb(78,48,39)
Raw Sienna #d17252 rgb(209,114,82)
Rob Roy #eccc74 rgb(236,204,116)
Falcon #74646c rgb(116,100,108)
Spicy Mustard #74590f rgb(116,89,15)
Scorpion #6c5c64 rgb(108,92,100)
Chenin #e4cc7c rgb(228,204,124)
Oriental Pink #c99b85 rgb(201,155,133)
Schooner #948884 rgb(148,136,132)
Saddle #563826 rgb(86,56,38)
Tundora #3d3538 rgb(61,53,56)
Raffia #eaddba rgb(234,221,186)
Rob Roy #eacc79 rgb(234,204,121)
Gray #8b8889 rgb(139,136,137)
Jambalaya #4e3311 rgb(78,51,17)
Baltic Sea #201b23 rgb(32,27,35)
Rob Roy #e9cc67 rgb(233,204,103)

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