Vuetify Admin Dashboard: A Crud Admin panel made from Vue js and Vuetify Vuetify Admin Dashboard: A Crud Admin panel made from Vue js and Vuetify Vuetify Admin Dashboard: A Crud Admin panel made from Vue js and Vuetify Vuetify Admin Dashboard: A Crud Admin panel made from Vue js and Vuetify

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Vuetify Admin Dashboard is a beautiful resource built over Vuetify and Vuex. It will help you get started developing dashboards in no time. Vuetify Material Dashboard is the official Vuejs version of the Original Material Dashboard. Using the Dashboard is pretty simple but requires basic knowledge of Javascript, VueVuex and Vue-Router. This template features:

  • Powerful CRUD Data Table with sorting, pagination, searching, display images...

  • Powerful Edit Form Builder can display/edit any value of text, image, boolean...

  • Fully support for REST Api's

  • Vue-Chart js built in

  • Rewrote the router to add support for nested/child routes. Also enabled external pages without the sidebar/footer/header etc.

  • Highly Configurable Such as: Dark/light themes, sidebar images, site name, colors, logo, Menu and footer...

  • data in demo is only hooked up to read from

  • CRUD Table Features

    • operations on records:
      • Store,
      • Update,
      • Suspend/Restore,
      • Delete
    • Search filtering:
      • Search phrase in whole table,
      • Sorting by column
    • VUEX ACtions:
      • Table item, update/edit/delete and restore
    • other functions and features:
      • datatable mechanism allows selection of the number of records per page, page transition and sorting,
      • Inline table editing
      • Edit whole row menu
      • Search
      • Rest APi support built in
  • Authentication

    • login form (built-in communication with API, validation),
    • redirecting from login to the app if already signed in
    • redirecting to login from app if you arent signed in
    • Automatically gets JWT Refresh token once its expires
    • stores JWT in local storage(I havent made built in support for storing in https cookies yet)
    • retrieves JWT when revisiting the page
  • App layout components

    • Toolbar (with optional elements):
      • title,
      • logo,
      • Notifications
      • user profile,
      • logout,
      • slots for developer
    • Sidebar/Drawer:
      • List of routes,
      • Slot for title or user avatar,
      • Slots for developer,
    • Drawer Filter:
      • Allows you to change Drawer background image and color scheme
    • Footer,
    • Maps
    • ... and others

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tree Poppy #fa9f1a rgb(250,159,26)
Aqua Forest #64ab69 rgb(100,171,105)
Chambray #335582 rgb(51,85,130)
Spicy Pink #796b6b rgb(121,107,107)
Picton Blue #3097ea rgb(48,151,234)
Jelly Bean #2874ac rgb(40,116,172)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Ming #38647a rgb(56,100,122)
Mine Shaft #343434 rgb(52,52,52)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c46c58 rgb(196,108,88)
Picton Blue #2b94ed rgb(43,148,237)
Gray #848383 rgb(132,131,131)
Orange Roughy #ba531b rgb(186,83,27)
Mine Shaft #252525 rgb(37,37,37)
Picton Blue #4cabf1 rgb(76,171,241)
Calypso #2c6081 rgb(44,96,129)
Dove Gray #616161 rgb(97,97,97)
Matisse #2474ae rgb(36,116,174)
Fuscous Gray #444443 rgb(68,68,67)
Sunglo #e4746c rgb(228,116,108)
Picton Blue #44a5f1 rgb(68,165,241)
Gray #8a8a8a rgb(138,138,138)
Elephant #0f283c rgb(15,40,60)
Shark #232424 rgb(35,36,36)
Picton Blue #3c9bef rgb(60,155,239)
Purple Heart #9e30b4 rgb(158,48,180)
Fern #62b669 rgb(98,182,105)
Calypso #2e6b8a rgb(46,107,138)
Salt Box #6d5171 rgb(109,81,113)
Picton Blue #43baeb rgb(67,186,235)
Picton Blue #2491ed rgb(36,145,237)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Jelly Bean #246c9c rgb(36,108,156)
Picton Blue #4cace4 rgb(76,172,228)
Purple Heart #9c2bb3 rgb(156,43,179)
Fern #5cb563 rgb(92,181,99)
Seance #932ba8 rgb(147,43,168)
Mine Shaft #232323 rgb(35,35,35)
Tree Poppy #f9a420 rgb(249,164,32)
Dodger Blue #2394f3 rgb(35,148,243)
Xanadu #7a887d rgb(122,136,125)
St Tropaz #255981 rgb(37,89,129)
Malibu #85d4fa rgb(133,212,250)

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