Light Blue Vue Admin: a dashboard template built with Vue JS Light Blue Vue Admin: a dashboard template built with Vue JS Light Blue Vue Admin: a dashboard template built with Vue JS Light Blue Vue Admin: a dashboard template built with Vue JS

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Light Blue Vue Admin is a dashboard template built with Vue JS (Vue CLI) and Bootstrap 4. Unique unobtrusive design with slightly transparent widgets and gradient background make this Vue JS template a rare offer among other vue templates. With Light Blue Vue Admin it becomes much easier to build management interface for your IoT dashboard, SAAS startup, booking management system or any other web app.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fountain Blue #5fc1a7 rgb(95,193,167)
Nepal #9cb4c3 rgb(156,180,195)
Blue Dianne #255f50 rgb(37,95,80)
Ronchi #e8c255 rgb(232,194,85)
Mariner #3266cc rgb(50,102,204)
Cutty Sark #54847c rgb(84,132,124)
Firefly #0c1830 rgb(12,24,48)
Shuttle Gray #646c7c rgb(100,108,124)
Cardinal #c61e35 rgb(198,30,53)
Cadet Blue #9fb0c2 rgb(159,176,194)
Firefly #070f1b rgb(7,15,27)
Cape Cod #42494b rgb(66,73,75)
Old Rose #c68187 rgb(198,129,135)
Froly #f0666e rgb(240,102,110)
Nepal #9cb0c2 rgb(156,176,194)
Dark Burgundy #780b12 rgb(120,11,18)
Deep Blush #e0828d rgb(224,130,141)
Burnt Sienna #ec7758 rgb(236,119,88)
Nevada #616a73 rgb(97,106,115)
Pueblo #77230d rgb(119,35,13)
Mako #434950 rgb(67,73,80)
Aquamarine Blue #71e1d5 rgb(113,225,213)
New York Pink #dc847c rgb(220,132,124)
Swamp Green #b8c09c rgb(184,192,156)
Persian Plum #68221b rgb(104,34,27)
Parchment #ede4c5 rgb(237,228,197)
Torch Red #f42434 rgb(244,36,52)
Cadet Blue #a1b4c4 rgb(161,180,196)
Dark Burgundy #7e060f rgb(126,6,15)
Bermuda #68d8a0 rgb(104,216,160)
San Marino #4876ac rgb(72,118,172)
Copper Rust #91534d rgb(145,83,77)
Rhino #27405d rgb(39,64,93)
Cape Cod #4b5252 rgb(75,82,82)
Double Colonial White #eee5a8 rgb(238,229,168)
Crimson #ef192b rgb(239,25,43)
Oslo Gray #7d878f rgb(125,135,143)
Gigas #504197 rgb(80,65,151)
Mako #474d53 rgb(71,77,83)
Electric Violet #7037f2 rgb(112,55,242)

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