Sing App Vue Dashboard: a vue framework Free and Open Source Vue.js Admin Dashboard Template Sing App Vue Dashboard: a vue framework Free and Open Source Vue.js Admin Dashboard Template

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Why would you want to build everything from scratch? Start with our admin template, which is build following newest development stack of vue, hence you will not need to learn everything by yourself! Sing App Vue is a great start if you build SASS, E-Commerce, CMS or CRM platforms. All essential components are ready to use!

  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Fully responsive
  • Vue 2.5.2
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Advanced Forms
  • Notifications & Icons
  • Well designed Typography
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Charts & Google Maps

The color palette of this template is composed by 22 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Lavender #ac82dd rgb(172,130,221)
Corduroy #5c5e5e rgb(92,94,94)
Meteorite #3f1c68 rgb(63,28,104)
Downy #76cdb3 rgb(118,205,179)
Golden Tainoi #fcc661 rgb(252,198,97)
Squirrel #94847c rgb(148,132,124)
Cinnamon #825502 rgb(130,85,2)
Dawn Pink #f4e4e4 rgb(244,228,228)
Saffron Mango #f8c350 rgb(248,195,80)
Abbey #55575a rgb(85,87,90)
Yukon Gold #7f5805 rgb(127,88,5)
Cocoa Brown #2c231e rgb(44,35,30)
Pancho #ead69f rgb(234,214,159)
Cream Can #f4cc70 rgb(244,204,112)
Spun Pearl #a9a9ae rgb(169,169,174)
Rusty Nail #7b5809 rgb(123,88,9)
Champagne #fbf3d2 rgb(251,243,210)
Cream Can #f5c453 rgb(245,196,83)
Aluminium #a2a3a5 rgb(162,163,165)
Yukon Gold #7d5907 rgb(125,89,7)
Abbey #505153 rgb(80,81,83)
Sinbad #a4ccd7 rgb(164,204,215)

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