Shards Lite React: A free React admin dashboard template Shards Lite React: A free React admin dashboard template Shards Lite React: A free React admin dashboard template Shards Lite React: A free React admin dashboard template

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Shards Dashboard Lite comes packed with templates and dozens of custom components that you can use to kick-start your next app. In this collection you can find the perfect icons for your app with more than 1500+ supported icons from both FontAwesome and Material icon packs.

Stop focusing on the minor details! With Shards at its core, everything is designed and hand-crafted from scratch to look and integrate flawlessly, so you can focus on functionality rather than on how things look. The template includes both SCSS and Sketch files so you can tailor the admin dashboard template pack to your own needs.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #1c8cfb rgb(28,140,251)
Oslo Gray #868c96 rgb(134,140,150)
Congress Blue #024282 rgb(2,66,130)
Kabul #5c4c44 rgb(92,76,68)
Jordy Blue #8cc0f5 rgb(140,192,245)
Anzac #dcbc30 rgb(220,188,48)
Rock Blue #98b7c8 rgb(152,183,200)
Thatch Green #3d3c16 rgb(61,60,22)
Finlandia #5b5f5a rgb(91,95,90)
Cameo #d4b49c rgb(212,180,156)
Curious Blue #2981d6 rgb(41,129,214)
Bronco #b4a69b rgb(180,166,155)
Camouflage #403d13 rgb(64,61,19)
Roman Coffee #7c6454 rgb(124,100,84)
Anzac #e1b93e rgb(225,185,62)
Yellow Sea #fcb406 rgb(252,180,6)
Granny Smith #88a098 rgb(136,160,152)
Cerulean #10bad4 rgb(16,186,212)
Shark #313236 rgb(49,50,54)
Cornflower #90c7ed rgb(144,199,237)
Azure Radiance #067bf7 rgb(6,123,247)
Abbey #575c62 rgb(87,92,98)
Cardinal #be1d3e rgb(190,29,62)
Viridian #449584 rgb(68,149,132)
Havelock Blue #59a0d8 rgb(89,160,216)
Dodger Blue #1884f4 rgb(24,132,244)
Coral Reef #c4b49c rgb(196,180,156)
Catalina Blue #06417e rgb(6,65,126)
Emperor #545454 rgb(84,84,84)
Jordy Blue #74b4ec rgb(116,180,236)
Picton Blue #3c9cec rgb(60,156,236)
Catalina Blue #0b4778 rgb(11,71,120)
White Lilac #f4f4fc rgb(244,244,252)
Azure Radiance #0f79e8 rgb(15,121,232)
Leather #8c604e rgb(140,96,78)
Denim #1064b8 rgb(16,100,184)
Cocoa Brown #1e1718 rgb(30,23,24)
Antique Brass #c58c63 rgb(197,140,99)
Azure Radiance #0b7aef rgb(11,122,239)
River Bed #485362 rgb(72,83,98)
Apple Blossom #a5404a rgb(165,64,74)
Nevada #6b7079 rgb(107,112,121)
Muddy Waters #ba8a68 rgb(186,138,104)

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