Rest Admin: A VueJS Dashboard Rest Admin: A VueJS Dashboard

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REST-ADMIN is trying to make it easier to built an admin dashboard for any backend services. All you need to do is just provide a RESTful api for it.

The color palette of this template is composed by 23 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ecstasy #fc841b rgb(252,132,27)
Rodeo Dust #c3ad9c rgb(195,173,156)
Eastern Blue #148cbc rgb(20,140,188)
Outer Space #2b343c rgb(43,52,60)
Sky Blue #73ccec rgb(115,204,236)
Pelorous #449cc4 rgb(68,156,196)
Rolling Stone #747c84 rgb(116,124,132)
Eastern Blue #2494bc rgb(36,148,188)
Outer Space #2c343c rgb(44,52,60)
Feijoa #84d48c rgb(132,212,140)
Viking #5cbcdc rgb(92,188,220)
Blumine #17576d rgb(23,87,109)
Blizzard Blue #aedcec rgb(174,220,236)
Forest Green #2bb12e rgb(43,177,46)
Sirocco #7c8485 rgb(124,132,133)
Eastern Blue #188bb7 rgb(24,139,183)
Limed Spruce #34444c rgb(52,68,76)
De York #8cc988 rgb(140,201,136)
Curious Blue #23abdb rgb(35,171,219)
Viridian Green #618975 rgb(97,137,117)
Jelly Bean #2b91ae rgb(43,145,174)
Thunder #2b2a2b rgb(43,42,43)
Sinbad #98c8cf rgb(152,200,207)

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