Maverix: A Maccish Bootstrap AngularJS Theme Maverix: A Maccish Bootstrap AngularJS Theme Maverix: A Maccish Bootstrap AngularJS Theme Maverix: A Maccish Bootstrap AngularJS Theme

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Maverix is a maccish bootstrap theme and application boilerplate. It gives your web-apps a native look and feel and bundles AngularJS and other components such as jQuery, Flot and rangeslider.js. It is perfect to be used for apps that are based on HTML App Containers such as:

  • MacGap
  • Node-Webkit
  • Github Atom Shell
  • Adobe Brackets Shell

This template features:

  • Closest possible to native All controls and Elements are carefully designed to perfectly fit into the native mac environment.
  • Non responsive: Desktop Apps don’t need to run on thousands of different devices and viewports. You are the master of setting a minimum-viewport and the app won’t get smaller than this. If you are using Maverix Theme in a traditional web-app it is also okay for Admin Backends that don’t need responsive layout.
  • Built on Bootstrap and Less: Twitters Bootstrap comes bundled with tons of useful styles and add ons and allows beginners and masters to get started quickly (grid positioning, etc.). The maverix styles are enhancing bootstrap and are written in less.css
  • Webkit first: Maverix Theme is primarily made to enable app container based web-apps to look like native OS X Apps. So webkit is the primary engine when releasing new components. However this doesn’t mean that other browsers are totally unsupported. Maverix Theme is tested on Safari, Firefox and Chrome on OS X.
  • Bundled with AngularJS: AngularJS is one of the best Javascript App Frameworks available today and so Maverix Theme comes bundled with AngularJS including fully working routing to get you started fast. Anyways, AngularJS usage is optional.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cornflower #86b6dc rgb(134,182,220)
Edward #b0b1b1 rgb(176,177,177)
Jelly Bean #2c789c rgb(44,120,156)
Havelock Blue #4f99d4 rgb(79,153,212)
Havelock Blue #4c98dc rgb(76,152,220)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Chathams Blue #15446e rgb(21,68,110)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Periwinkle Gray #d4dcec rgb(212,220,236)
Shakespeare #5cacda rgb(92,172,218)
Oslo Gray #898b8c rgb(137,139,140)
Denim #0e78c3 rgb(14,120,195)
Woodsmoke #161518 rgb(22,21,24)
Havelock Blue #4d97d5 rgb(77,151,213)
Chetwode Blue #80a4dc rgb(128,164,220)
Biscay #1c3a67 rgb(28,58,103)
Tundora #404040 rgb(64,64,64)
Royal Blue #447cdc rgb(68,124,220)
Mariner #3c75d3 rgb(60,117,211)
Au Chico #8d5353 rgb(141,83,83)
Chateau Green #38a14d rgb(56,161,77)
Baltic Sea #1d1c20 rgb(29,28,32)
Havelock Blue #58a2dc rgb(88,162,220)
Shakespeare #409cd0 rgb(64,156,208)
Blumine #1a4d6a rgb(26,77,106)
Mirage #141c24 rgb(20,28,36)
Ronchi #ecc444 rgb(236,196,68)
Rock Blue #97b1cc rgb(151,177,204)
Spicy Mustard #785e0c rgb(120,94,12)
Medium Purple #9441ec rgb(148,65,236)
Havelock Blue #529bd6 rgb(82,155,214)
Oslo Gray #8c8f91 rgb(140,143,145)
Calypso #3d6b93 rgb(61,107,147)
Woodsmoke #16161a rgb(22,22,26)
Viking #81b3dd rgb(129,179,221)
Ronchi #e9c244 rgb(233,194,68)
Nepal #8fabc1 rgb(143,171,193)
Fern Frond #6c7c24 rgb(108,124,36)
Shark #232326 rgb(35,35,38)
Medium Purple #9344e8 rgb(147,68,232)

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