Host: A Free HTML5 Bootstrap Based Template for Web Hosting Host: A Free HTML5 Bootstrap Based Template for Web Hosting Host: A Free HTML5 Bootstrap Based Template for Web Hosting

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This free template is packed with pricing plan cards, contact form and smooth animations upon scrolling that make this template outstanding. Start building your own hosting company today or simply adapt the template to fit any of your other projects! Stay up to date, this template is built using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Modernizr and a few other useful resources.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Forest Green #26b442 rgb(38,180,66)
Trout #4c4b57 rgb(76,75,87)
Tamarind #372016 rgb(55,32,22)
Spring Leaves #537f5b rgb(83,127,91)
De York #66c47e rgb(102,196,126)
Emerald #5ec472 rgb(94,196,114)
Pewter #9faca4 rgb(159,172,164)
Forest Green #22823a rgb(34,130,58)
Ebony Clay #232734 rgb(35,39,52)
Tacao #ecb47c rgb(236,180,124)
Eucalyptus #2ab147 rgb(42,177,71)
Pewter #95a89d rgb(149,168,157)
Bottle Green #083024 rgb(8,48,36)
Ebony Clay #222533 rgb(34,37,51)
Raw Sienna #d98c47 rgb(217,140,71)
Vista Blue #8ed499 rgb(142,212,153)
Edward #a4a8a8 rgb(164,168,168)
Green Pea #24602d rgb(36,96,45)
Celadon #ace4b4 rgb(172,228,180)
Piper #c86c24 rgb(200,108,36)
Manatee #94949b rgb(148,148,155)
Sepia #703c14 rgb(112,60,20)
Dove Gray #706d6c rgb(112,109,108)
Jaffa #ec9c50 rgb(236,156,80)
Jaffa #ec812e rgb(236,129,46)
Gray #868484 rgb(134,132,132)
Sambuca #36220f rgb(54,34,15)
Charade #21212d rgb(33,33,45)
Cherokee #fbd29a rgb(251,210,154)
Tango #f4812b rgb(244,129,43)
Jumbo #858586 rgb(133,133,134)
Eucalyptus #29b647 rgb(41,182,71)
Shark #292a31 rgb(41,42,49)
De York #71ce81 rgb(113,206,129)

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