Wrapkit Lite: A Powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Wrapkit Lite: A Powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Wrapkit Lite: A Powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Wrapkit Lite: A Powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

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It allows you to create anything like complete websites, landing pages, coming soon, homepages etc. It comes with some stunning ready to use UI Blocks & Elements to make your life even easier to use it directly for your projects. WrapKit Lite is build on Bootstrap 4, which is responsive CSS Framework. WrapKit Pro contains 25+ Niche Homepages, 180+ Pre-Made Sections, 500+ UI Elements, 2000+ Premium Font Icons & counting.., which allows you to create anything you want in few minutes. Our ready to use sections will allow you to just drag and drop it to new page with well defined guide of what CSS, HTML & JS code you would required to use each section, which makes it even easier to create something amazing in no-time. The developer team is bound to update the kit and they keep adding new things to make it even stronger day by day. You will receive all updates free for lifetimeThis template includes:

  • 17+ Ready to Use UI Blocks
  • 25+ Useful UI Elements
  • 1+ Landing Page
  • Bootstrap 4 Responsive Framework
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Great CSS Animations
  • Retina Ready
  • SaSS Base CSS
  • Easy to customize
  • Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Sticky Headers
  • Search Engine Optimised Code
  • Amazingly Fast
  • Very Easy to Create your Own Site

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Supernova #fcc404 rgb(252,196,4)
Scarpa Flow #555563 rgb(85,85,99)
Olive #836501 rgb(131,101,1)
French Rose #f55782 rgb(245,87,130)
Azure Radiance #047cfc rgb(4,124,252)
Manatee #9898a0 rgb(152,152,160)
Congress Blue #014083 rgb(1,64,131)
Spindle #bcd0e8 rgb(188,208,232)
Royal Blue #4c8ce4 rgb(76,140,228)
Au Chico #8b5758 rgb(139,87,88)
Blumine #206480 rgb(32,100,128)
Bright Gray #3c4454 rgb(60,68,84)
Cavern Pink #dcbcaf rgb(220,188,175)
Old Gold #d4b43c rgb(212,180,60)
Kashmir Blue #4c6c94 rgb(76,108,148)
Tiber #072f2f rgb(7,47,47)
Old Lavender #746474 rgb(116,100,116)
Brandy #e1c9a2 rgb(225,201,162)
Hokey Pokey #c39c2a rgb(195,156,42)
Oslo Gray #808692 rgb(128,134,146)
Paradiso #286974 rgb(40,105,116)
Verdigris #585531 rgb(88,85,49)
Chalky #efcc90 rgb(239,204,144)
Golden Dream #f4d434 rgb(244,212,52)
Manatee #90949c rgb(144,148,156)
Yukon Gold #7d6906 rgb(125,105,6)
Jordy Blue #74b9f1 rgb(116,185,241)
French Rose #f45c84 rgb(244,92,132)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Monarch #7c0826 rgb(124,8,38)
Mako #44494c rgb(68,73,76)
Froly #f67196 rgb(246,113,150)
Shamrock #3ad69f rgb(58,214,159)
Manatee #9a9da2 rgb(154,157,162)
Jewel #166d4f rgb(22,109,79)
Mako #404148 rgb(64,65,72)
Mandy #eb5780 rgb(235,87,128)
French Rose #f4527f rgb(244,82,127)
Dorado #665853 rgb(102,88,83)
Quincy #5c3c2b rgb(92,60,43)
Oil #201b12 rgb(32,27,18)
Kobi #e9b4cc rgb(233,180,204)

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