Focal: An HTML 5 Resume Portfolio Focal: An HTML 5 Resume Portfolio Focal: An HTML 5 Resume Portfolio

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Focal is a personal HTML5 portfolio template based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. It has a simple carousel in the Hero area. It has as well fixed menu on the top when your scroll of approximately 800px. The template, as it is of one page, when scrolling through areas, its text will be highlighted thanks to its spy scroll function.

A masonry grid system with isotope filtering and many more features are waiting for you, check the live demo of this template now !

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Santa Fe #b06f4e rgb(176,111,78)
Shady Lady #b1b0b1 rgb(177,176,177)
Quincy #5f3c2a rgb(95,60,42)
Dove Gray #6f6a68 rgb(111,106,104)
Emerald #3ccc7c rgb(60,204,124)
Gunsmoke #7c8484 rgb(124,132,132)
Green Pea #246c44 rgb(36,108,68)
Scarpa Flow #54545c rgb(84,84,92)
Padua #b6e7cc rgb(182,231,204)
Shamrock #2ccc74 rgb(44,204,116)
Gray #908d8d rgb(144,141,141)
Eucalyptus #2ca464 rgb(44,164,100)
Cutty Sark #526466 rgb(82,100,102)
New Orleans #f1cca4 rgb(241,204,164)
Tussock #c99950 rgb(201,153,80)
Hippie Blue #5e90b2 rgb(94,144,178)
Potters Clay #8c5639 rgb(140,86,57)
Cutty Sark #58706f rgb(88,112,111)
Akaroa #d8c1a4 rgb(216,193,164)
Downy #72b5d4 rgb(114,181,212)
Sandstone #796c60 rgb(121,108,96)
Thunderbird #bb321d rgb(187,50,29)
Mako #474d57 rgb(71,77,87)
Tussock #cc994d rgb(204,153,77)
Ocean Green #49b57f rgb(73,181,127)
Cape Cod #4c5454 rgb(76,84,84)
Amazon #2c6c4c rgb(44,108,76)
Ebony Clay #242c34 rgb(36,44,52)
Jungle Green #2cac83 rgb(44,172,131)
Jacksons Purple #242ca4 rgb(36,44,164)
Pablo #7e7463 rgb(126,116,99)

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